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(this whole paragraph is iffy, i'm not sure if this is what he's saying.. somebody check it out)
Lex: Which character is stronger?
Jang: Jin Kazama. Due to the game system in Tekken, he is able to choose between two attacks that can track players who use the lateral evasion. Jin can cancel his crouchdash into a WS+2, it is the ability more difficult in Tekken, and Jin also has the EWGF. He is very useful for players who use the lateral evasion (SS). These abilities make Jin the best.

This paragraph alone, is what set him apart as hands down THE best Mishima player of his time. It took years for anyone else to grasp this, and even afterwards it too practice, blood sweat and tears before anyone quite fully understood just how powerful jin truly was as a character. His understanding of Jin was completely unmatched.

I hear a lot of players today say 'yeah I can do all that stuff'. But the bottom line is at the time when he was playing, no-one else could. Today, I can teach someone wavedash to iWS+2 or DEWGF in I'd say a month given some practice.

In those days, the mechanics were unknown. And they were his and his alone.

As a very old player, I personally believe this interview was the true turning point of the Mishima players empire. Regardless, just my 2c before someone rocks in and says 'Lol but itz s0 EZ LAWL'
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