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Jang Iksu Interview + pics on a Spanish site. Found by Wiggle City (Nik, a good friend of mine from back then!) ad translated via online translators.


Name: Jang Ik-Su
Age: 22 (In the interview)
Team: Bingrae, Salsinseongin, Siz

Date: 19 May 2000
Interviewer: Lex

Lex: Thanks for allowing us to conduct this interview... please introduce yourself.
Jang: Hello, I am called Jang Iksu, I am a resident TTT player in Seoul.

Lex: When did you begin Tekken?
Jang: For 3 years, starting from Tekken 3.

Lex: Which are your main characters?
Jang: Absolutely Jin, and then Heihachi.

(this whole paragraph is iffy, i'm not sure if this is what he's saying.. somebody check it out)
Lex: Which character is stronger?
Jang: Jin Kazama. Due to the game system in Tekken, he is able to choose between two attacks that can track players who use the lateral evasion. Jin can cancel his crouchdash into a WS+2, it is the ability more difficult in Tekken, and Jin also has the EWGF. He is very useful for players who use the lateral evasion (SS). These abilities make Jin the best.

Lex: Who is your better friend of between the players?
Jang: Park Yong and Jang Hyunguk (Wincaster), Juno Lee, Suyong Park (member of the Team of Jang) and others....

Lex: What do you think of your style of game?
Jang: When I started out on Tekken Tag, my style of game was very defensive, but I trained and trained, towards a more offensive style.

Lex: Who is the best player excluding yourself?
Jang: I believe that.... Park Yong, Juno Lee, Lee Seong-Woo and Ok Jin-Chul, these four guys are the best. I firmly believe that these four guys and I am almost at the same level..

Lex: Which is your favorite room of games?
Jang: Xity.

Lex: Any advice for the players who use WGF characters?
Jang: Uhm.... I believe that WGF characters are very good. Continue practicing even though it is quite difficult... so you can be the best.

Lex: Thanks.
Jang: Thanks.