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This has to be one of the best threads I read back in the day.

It was originally a simple question, but it brought out the top TAG players at the time Slips and Conk to defend the great game we know and love vs the top elites of the T4 era.



The Road to Evo Tournament
When TOM H went to Korea before Evo2k3, he organized a tourney for Tag players in Korea, winner gets to come to Evolution 2003. Here are his comments!!

Originally posted by tomhilfiger
ok... to clear up some issues here... currently in Korea... there is no BEST player really... certain players beat certain players, etc... noone's been dominant since Jang Ik Su quit... Park is probably the most consistent.

And let me tell u, there are at LEAST 20, if not 50 mishimas at KBM's level... I mean... they are HELLA good. It's just that certain players do better at tourneys than others.

Yes, I have those vids, and I'm trying to make them into CDs right now, which i'll be selling before christmas time.... and I just hope people wouldn't just copy them and what not... I spent too much money on bringing the koreans and whatnot, and holding this tourney... it's a good tourney to show the level of ALOT of these players. BTW, there is this one TTT player that's hella good imo... he can fuck up KBM no problem, and he's probably the fanciest player I've ever seen... it's just pure rushdown madness like u've never seen. He's beaten KBM in plenty of tourneys, and from the vids I've seen, it was just too pretty. Everyone thought he was going to probably win the tourney... but he had to face one of the players that 'taught' him how to play in the final 8 i believe, and got knocked out in a very close match. Kinda sad, cuz his style would have put more 'wows' and whatnot in people's faces. But most people in Korea consider him the next jang... he's so sharp, in one of the matches, a kaz player did a ws 1,2 but the guy distance it right, so the ws1 hits, but the 2 whiffs, and then BAM, launches him... some of the top players, especially this guy, is known for stuff like this. He does this very often also, not just a one time thing. So most people when they play kaz against certain players, they can't even always do ws12. and have to stop at ws1. Alot of little quirks that most players don't know about.... korea has mastered them. For example... I don't know if everyone knows this, but with devil, if u hold d/b against Kaz's ws1,2 the 2 whiffs. and then devil gets a free launcher... beautiful. They 've known shit like this for ages... I learned so much about the game while I was out there... I forgot like 80 percent of the stuff cuz i didn't bother to write them down... but all in all, something that would improve everyone's game.

Overall in Korea, u can go to a local arcade and find a good Tag player. There are sooooooo many tag players... it's like finding a good starcraft player in korea... there maybe HELLA scrubs, but then again, there are THAT MANY good/great players.

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