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Ladies and... err? No ladies I guess..Hahaha.

Anyways.. GENTS, this here thread I made is for some new people who have stumbled upon the great pass time we call TEKKEN, to recognize the PEAK of the Tekken Tag regime where the best players that were talked about, and are STILL reffered to some, if not the, best players that the Tekken series has ever seen.

Countless young padawan's come in and ask.. "Who is Jang Iksu, who is Park Yong?" "Why are they such great players!?"

Well young boys, if you were registered anytime around 2003 or before (I had a diff acct in 2001) you would know that these players were not only the best of the best, but they put fear and domianted everyone that mattered.

I will shed some information, some "guidance" (if you could put it like that) as to what they accomplished, what their playstyles composed of - and hopefully you can see that in today's day and age TEKKEN isn't even played at this level of techinicality.

I'm going to post some old quotes that were posted by the original Tekken Tag, and T4 masters in the USA namely Tom Hilfiger and Unconkable. And as this thread progresses, I'll search for more OG content and see if I can add it here.

Firstly, I'll post Unconkable's huge essay on his experience from visiting Japan during New Years and playing in a TTT tournament with top Japanese players.

Originally posted by UNCONKABLE!!!
Now, for the report...

I have just finished playing in the Japan Special New Year's Tekken Tag Tourney. There were many strong players there, but I thought I would prevail anyway. Before the tourney, I racked up a 19 win streak against everybody, and on the machine next to me, somebody had racked up a 22 win streak. I didn't even need to see the person to know it was Kazuya from Mikkii game center.

Well, the tourney begun, I played somebody who had the name of "Hiking's Younger Brother" so when I played him, he was cheaping me up hella with Jin/Devil. I won 3-1 though. Guess who I played next? Kazuya.

I won the first two rounds, he won the next two rounds, and I got caught ducking against a Kaz f+4, WGF, netsu Jin on the right side into laser scraper, f,f, df4,4 for my death. It was a very close match so I was a little pissed, but glad I did well, especially since Kazuya went on to win the whole tourney.

After the tourney, I played hella people and didn't lose once, until I played Kazuya. We played hella and I won about half of them. He is fucking sick, I couldn't believe he had gotten so much better. After seeing him play and playing against him, I am utterly conviced that Kaz is the best in the game. Fuck.

Then, later Zekusu(Nori), came and wanted to play some Tag with me along with Shige, Souchou, and some other players. Well, I played and was pulling mad fluke wins on Shige's changs. Like winning because he screwed up teching the giant swing at a critical moment, among other things. Slips, you have to start using that Julia scoop move that launches on counter hit because that shit was beating out Dark Uppers and WGFs like no tommorow. Also it beat out high jabs and throws too. Crazy.

Then when I played Zekusu, he was the first to beat me with Jin/Devil. Shige wanted a piece of him, but in Japanese, I pulled the "let me just get one more" and played again, won with a broom to prove the fluke. Then beat him again. He then came over to me, we talked, he said good games, and then said something like, "I am going to play serious now." went back over, and played me some more. Well, he beat me with a squeegie, but was landing the worst fucking juggles on me like Jin E, E, 3 ring circuse, wave E! I mean not once, but about 90 percent of the time. They looked bad and hurt bad! Well, then I had to prove that fluke with a broom! We played hella and each won half of the matches before I left. He is hella good.

Next day I came to Shinjuku to get the tape of the tourney from the worker there, but it wasn:t ready yet. There was the Tekken 4 three on three tourney, I was going to enter with Souchou, but didn't have enough time due to other plans. So what I did was ask everybody there to play me in Tag. The funniest, and cheapest matches followed. I played hella people, but Jurio has to be the funniest person of all time. I got lots of video vs him with him yelling stuff like, "Shaun is really fucking strong, what the fuck is good to do against this shit? What the fuck?" And I played hella cheap teams. I ran out of tape, but got the first few matches on tape before it ran out. I won 24 times in a row and lost to a Jin/Hei player finally. So I played him again and broomed him, said goodbye to everybody.

The cheapest teams had to be

Anna is really fucking cheap, I mean whenever somebody picked her it was all kinds of cheap shit. They even did the hard tag cancel with her. Ricockulous.

Gunjack and Michelle was dirt as well(Shige's team) because after knocking you down with Gunjack, he does the bigb,db,d,DF launcher, tags off of it. Your options are*
Lay there and tag hella, plus tag in guessing game
roll back and take hella, plus tag in guessing game
stand up and get launched into Michelle DEATH COMBO for your death
techroll, get techroll pickuped into a Michelle combo for your death
techroll the other way and you escape half the time, get techroll pickupped the other half.

Also Gunjack while rising launcher is punishable, but tagable into the michelle juice. crazy.

Well, I plan on playing some more hopefully if I get a day of free time. I got lots of crazy shit for you guys when you get back so get ready for it.

Overall, I beat everybody with the exception of the Jin/Hei player, who I beat in the end, Zekusu, and Kazuya, and people that before I had no chance of beating so I am very happy with my performance. I did less than expected in the tourney, but will return before I come home to get the tape and get some more matches.

conk out,
not unstoppable, just...


p.s. Right before I left, I asked Nori which game he likes better, Tekken Tag, or Tekken 4 and before finishing my sentence he immediately said Tag and listed a thousand reasons why. Gotta pump that up.

Yes, what an exciting and informative read! It was one of the best Japanese discussions at the time, and a great insight to see how the Japanese players played and what their level was. Ofcourse majority of the Tekken crowd still believed that Korea was single handedly still number 1, (They had first hand experience of the CHEAP korean top ogre Jang Suwon who destroyed everyone at Electric Cancel 3) but Tom Hilfiger still posted his reasons why and I'll show you guys just below!

TomH's quote in Unconkable's thread which Note: This Quote is the best description you guys will ever get of Jang Iksu and his dominance in Korea!
This here post was made by Tom H and explains just exactly who and what Jang Iksu was and did to prove why he was a Tekken Legend. Now let me remind you, back in '99/'00 Arcades weren't as dead as they are now. The population of Tekken players were in enormous sizes ranging to nearly 1500 player base in Korea, with about 150 top players (this is based of asking other top Korean players) Tournamets were always limited to about the top best players (roughly around 32 or 64) because if anyone could join it would usually be WAY too many people. And Arcade Owners prompted to players to only join if you were a best of the best.
Originally posted by tomhilfiger
n korea... Jang is still considered the best... and he's like a legend over there... he's definitely a level above everyone over there... plus, I was getting beat by just 'average' players over there. The way they use the mishimas over there is just incredible... they consider jin the best in korea because of the stun they get off a 'blocked' EWGF... the kind of mind games they would do on you off a 'blocked' EWGF is incredible. Once you've blocked one EWGF against jin, u're in for a ride.... the moment u recover, they're already up in your face with either a throw, ws+2, hellsweep, or another EWGF to get in the mind games again. This was against a maybe barely above average player I've played. Jang's mind game off a blocked EWGF if just legendary over there... they say it just scares the fuck out of you just blocking that shit... and once you block, if u flinch and try to do nething else other than trying to guess the mixup, you get launched. The way they use to EWGF in Korea is just crazy imo. And they way they talk about Jang... he's just an amazing player. He gets the utmost respect from even the players that hates his guts... They say if Jang wasn't in korea, Mishimas wouldn't be as revolutionized over there. As of now, Jang is the top player, then Park yong, and then the rest of the Wincaster team... Wincaster team = jang, park, and a few other great players that all use mishimas and lei... Jang is supposedly a level above park, and park another level above the other guys, and then a few other players like Suwon, etc. Exact words from what most people told me that saw suwon play Jang... they said that Suwon maybe won one game out of every 7 or 8 they played, and if Jang played seriously, noone really beat him... Jang and Park used to spend some days at Fantasia arcade getting streaks on everyone while switching off to get some food.

From my experience in korea... TTT is popular at arcades, and T4 is popular on consoles... koreans hate TTT on PS2... and I'm sure everyone that has played TTT on arcade understands why Also, IMO, their barely ABOVE AVERAGE players = TOP players in US... mainly cause there are SOOO many good AVERAGE players in korea. One time I was playing, I saw some guys do 2x EWGF , three ring circus into another EWGF, then lightdashing right next to my character... I was like... WOW... this guy is GOOD... then I look over on to the other side (in korea, the machines are set facing each other ) and it's just a little kid doing this... Also, I was getting hella beatdown by this bryan/bruce player, maybe around 2 to 1 ratio... and I asked him how good he is in korea... and he told me that he's just an average player. Of course... on the flipside of this... there are also A LOT of scrubs... I mean... a WHOLE MESS ! There are hella players that suck... but there are that many that are just better. The above average players over in korea make Ryan Hart's mishimas look pretty normal. And I have yet to see how good JANG and PARK are myself... but just the stuff I hear from some of the guys, it's just incredible. I plan on trying to invite JANG to the upcoming tourney... and if u're a tekken fan... i'm sure you won't want to miss the event.

More replies will come later as I find and dig up some old treasures from the scene back then.. .!

Enjoy the classic reads.. .