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A beginner's guide to Baek's basic FLA looping...

Simply said, it can be summed up into a single sentence:
Cancel if opp is hit, and let it go when opp blocks ur attack.

FLA is Baek's strongest weapon, but is also the most risky. Several moves of his outa FLA can inter-loop, for example

FLA d+4,3,3,3~f
FLA d/f+4,4,3~f
FLA 3,4>4,3~f

The last hit can either cancel into FLA looping, or finish with a mid kick that stuns on CH. The trick of FLA is to get opponent to eat as many FLA mixup situations and get opponent to guess wrong as much as possible to eat the CH 3 CFS stun. Although CFS stun can be escaped, it requires almost instant forward tapping. If not escaped, juggles into setups, such as d/f+3~f FLA d+4,3,3,3~f into snake kick, or b+4 1,2x3 d+2_1+2,4_wall juggle, are hugely applicable. If opp happens to escape the stun, u can always start ur own mixups, since u are at frame adv.

The problem with the FLA mixup is, if opp guesses right and attack u when u cancel the attack, u eat the CH damage, and if opp guesses right and block when u did not cancel the FLA, u lose the initiative + negative frame post block. This problem can be solved by brain-fucking opponent based on the First law of tekken: when u block a move that gives u + frame, u attack, and if u are hit (or CHed), hold block. This is the way how 90% of players block and attack, with very very few exceptions.

Now back to the three strings I wrote there. On counter, the first three hits of d+4,3,3 is guaranteed, as well as the first two hit of d/f+4,4. By seeing if opp gets counter hit, u can determine whether or not u should cancel:

(Back to the 1st Law of Tekken)
-On the non-CH situation, opponent would be able to block the second/third hit. This creates a "seemly opportunity" for opp to attack and interrupt ur FLA cancel.

-On the CH situation, opponent would try to block the first possible hit and retaliate after blocking the attack that gives them + frames on block.

So... this is where the one-line strat comes in. If opp blocks the previous attack, don't cancel the FLA but finish the mid kick (because opp will most likly to anticipate to interrupt ur FLA), and if opp is hit (that is, CHed) by the strings, cancel the last hit into FLA looping because opponent ?will be looking for blocking the possible first attack.? If successful, the first scenario gives u CH 3 CFS stun, and the second will allow u to continue the pressure.

What about FLA 3,4,4,3?

The third hit of FLA 3,4>4,3 can be delayed, and this creates a double trap. The first trap comes in the delay to lure opp into attacking u, but eating the delayed third hit instead, and the second trap comes in when opp is cautious and blocking the delayed attack and is ready to retaliate. Following the same rule, if opp is hit by the delayed kick, cancel the last attack into FLA, and if opp blocks the delayed 3rd hit, finish the straight kick to fish their retaliation attempt.

By following this guideline, u will have opp. guessing wrong and eat the mid kick at least 80-90% of the time, if not more. Linearly, the only situation that opp. will get outa the loop is if they block BOTH the string AND the last straight kick. Notice at this situation when opponent prefers to block after blocking a ?frame attack, it means they are in the fully defense situation, and their "instant" retaliation reflex becomes shit. This result the not-exactly-safe final kick rarely punished, because opp. is still blocking!

One advantage of this strategy is that it follows opponent?s pattern, instead of the specific # of canceling. Therefore, the chance of your opponent realizes the cancel pattern is much less likely. After all, they will be busy figuring out ur pattern, instead of their own, which is what this strat is all about.

However, this strat suffers from both ss opponents and characters w/ specific anti-Baek tools that take advantage of Baek's last hit. To fight against opp who ss a lot, u will have to eliminate their ss games before getting this strat into full effect. d/b+4 outa FLA tracks both side fairly well, d/f+1 to stop the ss/sw launcher, b+4 tracks left decently, and FLA f+3 tracks a bit of both. Use them when necessary to stop opp from side stepping. Once your opp relies on d+1_d+2 interrupt instead of ss against ur FLA setups, the match is urs.

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