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I like it, it's cool, only wish that it could be a little bit bigger (i.e. more like an arcade screen size), I swear that's the only reason I'm not on the leaderboard atm

A few suggestions you might consider for future updates:

Difficulty ratings... i.e. easy/normal/hard/expert

easy = long range grabs only
normal = what you've got now
hard = same as now but varied distances (i.e. not always f+1+3 but maybe just 1+3)
expert = buffer grabs like GS/iSW/eod/MA or stuff like crouching and then mixup between FC command grabs (like King/Kaz/Bryan) with while standing generics

I don't know if that's viable or not to make in flash, but just an idea.

What you've got is heaps cool already though, much props
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agreed yiggs is a cool, interesting xiaoyu person with a good knowledge of her BTW

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