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Thanks for all the compliments/comments/suggestions everyone.

Originally posted by TheDinosaur
I've noticed maybe the timing needs tweaking as well? For example, if Paul is on P2, if he pauses for a long time, then he is guaranteed to do a 1+2 break, which subtracts from the randomness factor a bit.

I wouldn't bother putting in "successful" throws or anything like that, but it might be an idea to do percentage accuracy for each type of throw. I've realized that I can't break 1 throws for shit on P2 side.

The timing does need some tweaking. As it is, each throw has X amount of frames before it executes, and I generate a random frame to start at, so technically, it should be shorter sometimes and longer other times for the same throws. I could tweak it to be better though.

Throw percentage summary sounds like a good idea though. I was also thinking of adding in an overall percentage to the leaderboard scores.

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