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Originally posted by hamstar
i can break 66.6666666% of throw by spamming 2~1 or 1~2.

2~1 breaks all 2, 1+2 throws while 1~2 breaks 1 and 1+2 throws. Is this the same for console?? I dont have a ps2.

Its a trainer made in Flash so it isn't 100.0000000% perfect. If anyone knows a better way to handle simultaneous inputs in Flash though I'm all ears so PM me. Breaking the 1+2's that way is NOT possible on consoles as far as I know. I do have some code checking added on to cut down on the accuracy of spamming 2~1 or 1~2 for 1+2 grabs too btw. But you're only cheating yourself if you want to keep doing it like that.

Originally posted by Som
i'll donate 10 dollars if you take out the green or red screen thing. really annoying. 20 if you implement more characters and have it display what we pressed.

lol, better than buying a psp ^^

Without the green or red screen how would you know if you got it right or wrong?
Making it display what you pressed.. possible..

Also, more characters = unlikely. Its a ton of work (did you know that DR doesnt start you off in the exact same position of every round depending on the intro animation of each character?! stupid!) + bandwidth usage would skyrocket. Most people have asked me for small arm characters like Ling or something though. Thats something I could do.
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