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So I've been working on this for awhile now, but I've decided to officially release it out now. I know there's still a bug with the leaderboard not showing randomly, but it still works and its taking up too much time.

Oh yeah, so what is it? Its a flash program I put together with video capture to train people how to break throws based on the initial hand animations.

Take a look, enjoy, leave comments, send me some donations if you like it or want me to improve it more etc.

Tekken Throw Break Trainer - by Rip

URL is

-FIXED 1+2 grabs with RE-DONE input checking. No more buffering.
-Added KEY SETTING to OPTIONS. Now you can select which keys you want to use (mainly for laptop users)

-Tweaked frame windows on escapes
-Added OPTIONS screen
(currently only changes success/failure indicators, but more to come later!)

-Added Jack5 for big arm characters and Ling for small arm characters
(selecting Mokujin just cycles randomly between Jack/Ling/Paul)

-Adjusted timing windows before grabs come out
(shouldn't be any predictable grabs based on the time before they come out)

-Stat tracking is per game mode
(so stats/hi scores for Ling/Paul/Jack/Random are all stored seperately)

-Added a loader so it can load fully on slower connections
(should fix errors where people are dead before they begin)

-Game and Training mode will pause when stats are displayed ('S')

-Improved accuracy of input checking.
-Buffering breaks of left and right grabs no longer works.
-User input shown in top left corner
-Possibly fixed random leaderboard not displaying bug
-Added percentage stats for all grabs and total percentage.(Hit 'S' to toggle)
-Added highest streak stat / display
-Added max streak stat / display
-All scores may be submitted, but only top 10's will be shown each game.
-All other scores can be found on all-time score board
-Weekly Leaderboard (pulls data only for past 7 days)
-Larger view

Also, joystick/pad use is possible granted you have some kind of USB/PS2 converter!

5 STEP TUTORIAL to get your joystick working.

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