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Armor King
Name: Armor King
Catch copy: Wicked Flower
Nationality: Unknown
Fighting style: Wrestling
Age: Unknown
Height: 193cm
Weight: 91kg
Blood type: Unknown
Occupation: Professional Wrestler
Hobby: wrecking dojos (has encountered a bodyguard named Paul in the past)
Favorite thing: Beer

The King of Underground Professional World Wrestling.

Armor King and King desperately fought one another in the past, but now they?re bound
together by a powerful friendship that only a comrade would know.

Worried about the dead-end lifestyle his former adversary, had drank himself into, Armor
King tells King of the tournament Kazuya [Mishima] is sponsoring, thinking this is King?s
ticket out of despair.

The King of Underground Professional World Wrestling looks forward to his rematch with

Name: Prototype Jack
Catch copy: Lost Memory Monster
Nationality: Russian
Fighting style: Entrusts in power
Age: 7-years-old
Height: 235cm
Weight: 185kg
Blood type: Gasoline
Occupation: Unemployed (ordinarily its careless with gas so it cannot move)
Hobby: Vandalism
Favorite thing: inputting any old information

Prototype Jack, an android built for military applications.

Prototype Jack solicited Kazuya?s assistance with upgrades after learning that only its
successor, Jack, was making advances in that area, and for reasons beyond its
understanding, Kazuya promptly agrees and has Dr. Boskonovitch comply with the androids
request?unbeknownst to it, the only changes made were to its outer shell, which was now
armor plated.

Prototype Jack despises both Jack and its developers, namely Russia. Recent overwrites
of its own CPU has resulted in memory loss, causing Prototype Jack even more grief.

Name: Ganryu
Catch copy: Reckless Great Maidenhair
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting style: Sumo
Age: 34-years-old
Height: 189cm
Weight: 125kg
Blood type: B
Occupation: Kazuya?s guard
Hobby: Gambling
Favorite thing: Buri Daikon (a dish consisting mainly of yellowtail & Japanese radish)

Ganryu, a gifted Rikishi, was the youngest sumo wrestler in the history of the sport to be
promoted to Oozeki (champion) rank. He was also, without a doubt, the strongest wrestler
in the world of sumo, but due to his unacceptable conduct (gaudy attire, smoking while
entering the ring, etc.), he was not promoted to the rank of Yokozuna (Sumo Grand

Believing a real man, the world?s strongest man, walks ?the road to the ring? and does
grand things, Ganryu decides to join the tournament once again.

During the last tournament, the unthinkable happened when he came across a fighter named
Michelle Chang?it was love at first sight.

Rumor has it that he begged Kazuya to set things up so that he could confess his love to

Name: Kunimitsu
Catch copy: Traitorous female ninja
Nationality: N/A (formally Japanese)
Fighting style: Manji Jujutsu
Age: Unknown
Height: 173cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood type: O
Occupation: Theif
Hobby: Fiddling with machinery (Things like air conditioners she can do alone)
Favorite thing: Sheathed knives

The sword in Yoshimitsu?s keep, the katana Enchanted Yoshimitsu, severs the life force of
its enemies?it seems that a commandment among the Manji Party dictates that the current
leader of the group must kill the former leader with the sword when a change of leadership
is at hand.

No matter how many times Kunimitsu?s grandfather, a sword smith, tried to forge a sword as
precious as the katana the Enchanted Yoshimitsu, he was unsuccessful. Believing her
frail grandfather desires to make a high quality katana before his death, Kunimtsu decides
to join the tournament in order to seize Yoshimitsu?s blade.

Bruce Irvin
Name: Bruce Irvin
Catch copy: Nightmare Impact
Nationality: American
Fighting style: Kick Boxing
Age: 32-years-old
Height: 190cm
Weight: 85kg
Blood type: A
Occupation: Member of Kazuya?s private force
Hobby: Collecting handguns
Favorite thing: Gun powder

Bruce Irving: Invincible fighter.

Bruce, who had lost both his parents and elder brother in his infancy, grew up living a
life plagued by hunger and much violence. Disliking the cards fate had dealt him, Bruce
yearned to live the good life, and his resolve made him a very strong fighter.

As he was a kickboxing practitioner, Bruce went to Thailand to compete in a Muay Thai
Kickboxing tournament, and his performance destroyed the former popular champion?s hopes
of ever returning, and as a result, a Muay Thai gambling organization put out a contract
on Bruce?s life.

While on board a returning flight home, the contract killer attempted to take Bruce?s
life, but an investigator of Hong Kong?s International Police force, who was also on the
flight, thwarted his efforts. A fight ensued and when it was over the plane went down.

A unit from Kazuya?s facilities later rescued Bruce, who had been surviving off of human
remains for several months.

Jinrei Wang
Name: Jinrei Wang
Catch copy: Fighting Sage
Nationality: Chinese
Fighting style: Shinirokugo-ken
Age: 84-years-old
Height: 165cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood type: B
Occupation: Usually growing vegetables
Hobby: Nothing in particular
Favorite thing: Early morning air

Jinrei, an old man with whom bravery still runs strong, is a practitioner of
Shinirokugo-ken. He was also best friend to Kazuya?s grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima.

Wrapped up in the wishes of Jinpachi??In order to bring about peace the Mishima clan
must be destroyed.?
?Jinrei decided to join the tournament, but he seeks to transfer
the burden of taking Kazuya out to someone else capable of doing so. But, if there is no
other, he?s prepared to do what must me done (He will not leave until the deed is done).

Kazuya Mishima
Name: Kazuya Mishima
Catch copy: Cold-blooded son
Nationality: none (renounced his Japanese citizenship)
Fighting style: Mishima combat karate
Age: 28-years-old
Height: 181cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood type: AB
Occupation: Head of the Mishima family
Hobby: Collecting Sneakers
Favorite thing: His father?s vexed expression and a world in chaos

Kazuya defeated Heihachi in the previous tournament, and in doing so inherited all the
power of the Mishima Financial Group?s head; he now takes pride in surpassing Heihachi?s

Presently, Kazuya has nearly seized all of Hokkaido for the purpose of building his ideal
independent nation, where he?s trying to establish a strong military force.

Devil Kazuya
Name: Devil Kazuya
Catch copy: N/A
Nationality: Unknown
Fighting style: Unknown
Age: infinite
Height: Adaptable
Weight: Adaptable
Blood type: N/A
Occupation: Unknown
Hobby: Unknown
Favorite thing: Unknown

On Kazuya?s shoulders rests the fate from a distant past.

Its history has been built many times over, again and again with each reincarnation.
Unbeknownst to Kazuya, something with mysterious intentions watches over him.

Devil?s appearance may be the embodiment of the mysterious intentions watching over
Kazuya?s fate.

Name: Angel
Catch copy: N/A
Nationality: Unknown
Fighting style: Unknown
Age: infinite
Height: Adaptable
Weight: Adaptable
Blood type: N/A
Occupation: Unknown
Hobby: Unknown
Favorite thing: Unknown

Angel existence is entwined with Devil?s.

Bewitched by Devil, Kazuya?s appearance changes from person to person. Some see a
jet-black devil, while others see the brilliant rays of an angel.

Name: Roger
Catch copy: Animal Commander
Nationality: N/A
Fighting style: Commando wrestling
Age: Unknown
Height: 160cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood type: Unknown
Occupation: In training
Hobby: None
Favorite thing: None

When Kazuya built his private military force, he didn?t have his sites set on only humans,
but also animals too, and thus the development of animals for military use moved forward.
The research team for the development of animals for military use conducted tests using
drugs and DNA manipulation. And as a result, Roger, came to have more mobility than the
usual kangaroo?he jumped 23-meters on one occasion, and ran as fast as 60km/h.

Since the [announcement of the] martial arts tournament, Roger continuously waits for
anything to mistakenly enter his territory in order to obliterate it.

Name: Alex
Catch copy: Dinonics Commander
Nationality: N/A
Fighting style: Commando wrestling
Age: Unknown
Height: 155cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood type: Unknown
Occupation: In training
Hobby: N/A
Favorite thing: N/A

The Research team developing the strongest animals for military use for Kazuya has created
a ferocious life form using dinosaur DNA found in insects trapped in amber, missing DNA
strands were spliced with that of kangaroos. It doesn?t appear to be fully developed yet,
as its combat capabilities are identical to that of Roger?s; however, it has been
hypothesized that once it reaches maturity, it will be the strongest living creature on
the planet.

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