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Until the staff of TZ can get them up on the main site, kurichan has generously offered his services to the wonderful community of Tekken Zaibatsu and has given us the profiles for the Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 cast.

Kazuya Mishima

Name: Kazuya Mishima
Catch copy: Cold-blooded son
Fighting style: Mishima Combat Karate
Age: 26-years-old
Height: 181cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood type: AB
Occupation: Vexing his father?as he is the son of an aristocrat, money doesn?t concern
Hobby: Collecting sneakers
Favorite thing: his father?s irritated expressions

Kazuya is the eldest son of the tournament?s sponsor, the Mishima Financial Group?s CEO,
Heihachi Mishima.

Kazuya?s purpose for participating in this tournament is to kill his father, and to use
the power his father commands to orchestrate a worldwide coup d'etat.

He received the scar across his chest when his father dropped him from a ravine at the age
of five.

Paul Phoenix

Name: Paul Phoenix
Catch copy: Hot-blooded fighter
Fighting style: Judo & Alpha Martial Arts
Age: 25-years-old
Height: 187cm
Weight: 81kg
Blood type: O
Occupation: Unemployed, but when low on money, Paul lives off money earned from street
fighting and working as a bodyguard.
Hobby: Motorcycles
Favorite thing: Pizzas

Paul is a hot-blooded American fighter who understands and loves to practice the martial

Paul views Kazuya as his rival, as a previous fight with him ended in a draw?their rivalry
is one sided, however. Believing his true self exists in heated battle, Paul partakes in
this tournament looking for a stronger opponent.


Name: King
Catch copy: Mysterious Masked Wrestler
Fighting style: Professional Wrestling
Age: 30-years-old
Height: 190cm
Weight: 85kg
Blood type: A
Occupation: Aside from Professional Wrestling it?s a mystery
Favorite thing: Jaguars (the animal)

Ordinarily, he?s the kind-hearted man who looks after orphans, but once he puts on his
masked disguise, he transforms into the unstoppable masked wrestler.

In his past, King too was once an orphan who was rescued by a charitable person. He has
joined the tournament to earn money for the orphanage which he sponsors.

Nina Williams

Name: Nina Williams
Catch Copy: Silent Assassin
Fighting style: Koppou & Aikido
Age: 20-years-old
Height: 161cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: A
Occupation: Assassin
Hobby: Traveling
Favorite thing: Tom from ?the Tom and Jerry Show,? milk tea, and Scotch

Because she has learned assassin techniques and the art of Koppou from her father, and
Aikido and self-defense techniques from her mother, Nina has a superior since of combat.

She?s been commissioned to assassinate the tournament?s sponsor, Heihachi Mishima.
However, truth be told, she?s been having second thoughts about harming people.


Name: Jack
Catch Copy: Super Homicidal Weapon
Fighting style: Entrusts in Power
Age: 3-years-old
Height: 235cm
Weight: 168kg
Blood type: Plutonium
Occupation: Occasionally works at the scrap yard of some factory
Hobby: Overhauling itself
Favorite thing: Akihabara parts centers

Jack is a super homicidal robot, which was developed by the former Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics. Quickly catching wind of Kazuya?s plans for a worldwide coup d'etat,
the Russian military has dispatched Jack to eliminate him before he can strike.

Jack takes pride in its unfair attacks and boundless power, power that only a robot could

Marshall Law

Name: Marshall Law
Catch copy: The Legendary Dragon who has returned
Fighting style: Marshal Arts
Age: 25-years-old
Height: 179cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood type: B
Occupation: Works at a Chinese restaurant and at a martial arts school as an instructor
Hobby: Fishing
Favorite thing: Money

Marshall Law is a martial arts master employed at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco
who dreams of opening his own martial arts school someday.

Marshall has joined the tournament in order to win the prize money and use it to make his
dream a reality and to become world famous.

Michelle Chang

Name: Michelle Chang
Catch copy: Wandering female kenpo practitioner
Fighting style: various forms of Chinese Kenpo
Age: 18-years-old
Height: 163cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood type: B
Occupation: Unemployed. She travels from place to place in search for her enemy.
Hobby: Hunting
Favorite thing: Buffalos

Michelle is the daughter of a Native American woman and a Hong Kong-Chinese man, who was
dispatched by Heihachi Mishima to locate an ancient treasure resting on Native American

On her 18th birthday, her mother told her the facts surrounding her father?s death: men
working for Heihachi killed him.

Michelle has joined the tournament for the purpose of taking revenge against ?[ Heihachi ]


Name: Yoshimitsu
Catch copy: Space Ninja
Fighting style: Manji Jujutsu
Age: unknown
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: O
Occupation: Leader of the Manji Party thieves? guild
Hobby: Watching Sumo matches
Favorite thing: Playing video games

Yoshimitsu is the leader of the international thieves guild known as the Manji Party, a
chivalrous robbing bunch that only robs from those profiting from unjust acts, and later
give what they pillage to those less fortunate.

Using himself as a decoy, Yoshimitsu participates in the tournament so that his
subordinates can steal the tournament?s funds.

Chaolan Lee

Name: Chaolan Lee

Chaolan is Heihachi Mishima?s adopted son, and Kazuya Mishima?s rival. As Kazuya?s
rival, he was expected to follow him in as closely as possible; from a young age the same
imperialistic teachings that were hammered into Kazuya were also hammered into him. Those
teachings drove him master the martial arts.

In the underground world of fighting, he is feared and is known as ?the Silver Haired



Kuma is Heihachi Mishima?s pet, and it has been raised to be his vigilant watchdog.
It has been said that this ferocious beast enjoys human flesh more than brutality itself.

Kuma is no ordinary bear; trained in the art of fighting, its also Heihachi?s sparring

Armor King

Name: Armor King

Armor King is a rival from a time when King was but a rookie.

King accidentally crushed one of Armor King?s eyes during a match some time ago. Since
then, King became a star of the Professional Mexican Wrestling World, basking in the
spotlight; conversely, Armor King?s handicap quickly sped him in the opposite direction.

Armor King has joined the tournament to destroy King and to take control of the
Professional Wrestling World.

Anna Williams

Name: Anna Williams

Anna is Nina?s little sister by three years.

Since childhood, Anna and Nina both learned assassin techniques from their father, but
their father only showered Nina with affection. Unlike her sister who has become an
active assassin, Anna desired an ordinary life?her father never forgave her for that.

Anna hates her unaffectionate father, his exclusive love; what?s more, she envies Nina who
succeeds in their father?s craft?Anna grows tired waiting for her time of revenge.

P. Jack
Name: P. Jack

P. Jack is the experimental version of Jack, which Russia developed.

As it is only a prototype model, its mechanics are still evident. Its overall balance is
bad, but even so, it possesses a power that far exceeds Jack?s own.

Heihachi has entered Prototype Jack in the tournament to confront Jack, whom it hates.

Jinrei Wang
Name: Jinrei Wang

Jinrei is an old man with whom bravery still runs strong, a practitioner of

Jinrei, a kindhearted individual who sympathizes with his fellow countrymen, is the head
of overseas Chinese merchants. He was also a very close friend to Kazuya?s deceased
grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima. After Jinpachi?s death, Jinrei fell under Heihachi?s
influence, but truth be told, he doesn?t feel comfortable with Heihachi?s conduct.


Name: Kunimitsu

Kunimitsu is a former member of the Manji Party thieves? guild. Kunimitsu was denounced
from the group by its leader, Yoshimitsu, when [she] stole for her own personal interests,
going against the Manji Party?s principles. Even after her expulsion from the Manji
Party, she perused working as a thief, indulging her fancies; she?s an ill redeemable

It would appear that she has her sights set on the Native American treasure Heihachi has

NOTE: Kunimitsu is listed as a man in her Japanese profile.


Name: Ganryu

Ganryu, a gifted Rikishi, was the youngest sumo wrestler in the history of the sport to be
promoted to Oozeki (champion). He was also, without a doubt, the strongest wrestler in
the world of sumo, but due to his unacceptable conduct outside the ring, he failed to
uphold the dignity prized by the Sumo World, and as a result, was not promoted to the rank
of Yokozuna (Sumo Grand Champion).

Consequently, Ganryu separated himself from the World of Sumo and entered a world quite
the opposite.

Heihachi Mishima

Name: Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima is the head of the Mishima Financial Group (MFG), sponsor of the
tournament, and father to Kazuya Mishima. The MFG is the world?s largest developer of
military equipment. Heihachi is holding this tournament for the purpose of gathering the
strongest soldiers for his own personal use.

Heihachi Mishima is well versed in various forms of combat the world over.

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