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Roger Jr.

Punishment - 2/5
1,2 for -10, -13 he gets d/f+1+2 which has good range and can punish moves like sonic fan. Then he has hop kick at -15. Nothing crazy, not getting too much damage besides d/f+1+2 for -14 is below average.

Offense - 3/5
df+4 may rank as one of the best pokes in the game. Safe, annoying mid. Overall he has some great mids, df+1,2 and df+4 are extremely efficient, df+1 on CH is a good amount of juice also. f+1,2,1,2 is nasty on CH. Safe and easy to use, leads to half life fast. his throw game is great, he's got a wide range of throws to use, however his range is extremely poor, he really has to dig deep to land those throws. ss+4 is a very efficient low, crushes highs well and even some mids. hella unsafe on block put can be used much like Feng's ss+4 for a ton of damage. he doesn't have any great low pokes overall, just d+4. db+3 and ss+4 are pretty punishable on block, so overall nothing cept d+4 to abuse.

Whiff Punishing - 3/5
ff+2 is a solid whiff punisher, dishes out decent damage. uf+4 is alright for close big whiffs. ss+4 is great for catching mistakes during ss.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 4/5
ss+4 goes under a lot of moves including mids. d/f+4 is really hard to punish on whiff and has good range, 1212 CH does great damage. d+1,2 is a good low crush and also has hop kick.

Wake Up - 2/3
Ok wakes off of throws and running wake-ups off juggles, nothing special but not bad.

Damage - 3/3
his juggles only do average damage, but the damage out of f+1,2,1,2 and walls is pretty insane. easily half life out of f+1,2,1,2 and around walls he has a ton of damaging options, especially animal godfist. ss+4 and tail sweep damage for a low is great as well.

overall Rating: 16

Armor King

Punishment - 4/5

This is by far and foremost the strongest area of his game. He has all the tools to punish whatever comes his way.

- 1,2 punishes 8f
- 2,1 punishes 10f
- f+1+4 punishes 14f
- DU punishes 14f
- u/f+4 punishes 15f

He also has hopkick out of WS, making a good punisher for ducking throws.
Both his 8f and 10f punishment do decent damage but with the added bonus of giving him serious +frames to continue with his offense. His punishment although not the best in the game, is definetly up there.

Offense - 2/5
Absolutley piss weak. AK has nothing with which to lockdown his opponent. He have absolutley no strings that can manage such a feat, granted they are all duckable, leading to a launch. I'll give an example. Take d/f+2,1. This is one of the few and better string attacks he has, now lets look at its properties. Firstly start up frames are decent with a 14f initiation but it goes wrong when you look at its block and hit frames. Both these frames are negative. So on block he is at a disadvantage and on hit he is at a disadvantage too, but lets add one more problem to the string, the second hit is duckable. No help there. The majority of AK's movelist is all comprised of single hits i.e. d/f+1_d/f+4_b+1_b+2 etc. Whilst these moves are decent in their own right, they do not give the frames needed to further our offense. If we choose to follow up with anything we will be promptly jabbed out of it. AK's lack of a low has forced us into a situation where our mix-ups are just relied upon mids and throws. This is no way to play a character as throws are often jabbed out of or ducked and punished. All of AK's lows are punishable by a launcher (barring generic d+4), leaving us with a very poor mix-up game. As a result of this, AK has turned into a defense character, often turtling and forcing the mistake out of the opponent, it is no easy way to play a character and requires a high level of knowledge and skill to be able to win with him.

Whiff punishment - 4/5
No complaints here as he does have decent tools.
DU - Basically the whiff punisher of choice, leads to good damage
f+1+4- Is for whiffs that leave opponents in crouch, which a DU will not hit.
1+2,2 - Although DU will be the better choice this still has a use if there is a wall behind your opponent, causing a wall stun.
f+2,1 - Another one where DU should take priority but just stating it as it does do decent damage and has some reach. Good for getting wall splats.
Nothing spectacular but something do be wary of.

Kee Out/Panic Moves - /5

Wake up - 2/3
Another area where AK is half decent. His wakeups will cause havoc if you mix it up well. His tools are:
u/f+3+4- The only reason this is great is because it forces crouch on your opponent and you can tech immediatley to follow up with some more pressure. On hit this does good damage.
d/f+1_d/f+4- safe mids which on hit give you enough frames to get your mix-ups going. Also there to keep your opponent standing to allow throws to be landed.
Throw- When you have trained your opponent to stand then start using throws. His throws are quite damaging and aren't to easy to spot if mixed up. Although his throws have shocking wakes afterwards, the damage they inflict is quite good.

Damage - 2/3
Another area, which although decent is far from great. His juggles do reasonable damage hovering around the 60 damage mark, but they are quite unreliable and extremely difficult, forcing players to go for lesser damage but safety.
His wall damage is horrible.
Single hits are decent enough.

Overall Rating: 15


Punishment ? 4/5
Kuma?s punishers are very good. You have f+1 for 8f, 2,1 for 10f, f+2,1 for 12f and d/f+2 for 14f. His d/f+2, although safe in DR, doesn?t launch crouchers anymore. He has a great WS punisher in WS+1 which is 13 frames and can lead to good damage. His f+1+2 can punish stuff like deathfist very easily, and you can use his f,f+2 to punish heavy sweeps into half life combo.

Part of what makes Kuma?s punishment so good is his range. While most characters can?t punish stuff like DJ?s ws+1,2 or Eddy?s d/f+2, Kuma can do it pretty easily because of his arms? long range.

A downside to his punishment is that his WS+4 is not all that good because of Kuma?s short legs. On the other hand, instead of using WS+4 you can use FC 2 which has decent range.

Offense - 1/5
Unless you?re the kind that likes to take huge risks, Kuma?s offense is very poor. He lacks good mids (d/f+2 and d/f+4 have poor range, f,f+2 is too slow) so you have to rely on stuff like f+1 and d/b+2 (high and low). If you like taking risks then you can maybe use his HBS and ROL stances, but it?s pretty much 50/50 stuff that can get you killed if you guess wrong, or if the opponent knows how to get out by either SS/SW/backdash or jumpover.

His lows from standing aren?t all that great either. His d/b+2 got boosted in DR (went from -14f to -13f on block and now causes PLD on CH, which is great) but it?s really just chip damage. The new low f+3+4 I guess is ok but it can be seen on reaction if your opponents are used to it, is linear and is ?death on block. d/b+3 is good (+frames on hit, safe on block) but has no range.

His throws are decent, and can lead to good damage if opponent doesn?t know how to get up properly.

I should also mention that his offense is even worse when playing against characters that can punish his f,f+2 properly. Eddy completely neutralizes Kuma since not only can he rape Kuma?s f,f+2 on block, his d+4 will keep Kuma away all day (crushes f+1, can?t be punished at max range by Kuma?s WS+1). Bryan is also a tough match with his annoying lows and mach breaker to punish Kuma?s f,f+2.

Whiff Punishing ? 3/5
His whiff punishing is so-so. Most of the time you?ll be doing f+2,1 to punish whiffs. His d/f+2 doesn?t give that much damage, and if the whiff left the opponent crouching, you get no launch off it. Ass is pretty good too, although risky if not timed correctly (very unsafe on block). If it?s a bad whiff then yeah you can go for f+1+2 or f,f+2 or even b+3+4 which lead to awesome damage (reason why I gave him a 3).

Keep Out/Panic Moves - /5

Wake ups - 2/3
His wakes are mediocre and pretty much 50/50 all the time. If you have your opponent used to eating lows on wakeup then you can start mixing it up with mids (but again, there?s no real reason to duck against Kuma).

Near the wall Kuma can mix people up pretty good on wake up since his HBS and ROL become more deadly (harder to get out of by SS/SW, can?t backdash).

Damage ? 3/3
This is Kuma?s best area IMO. His punishers do good damage (f+2,1 and stuff like f+1+2 into f,f+2). If you manage to hit stuff like f,f+2 or HBS 1+2 or b+3+4 or ROL 1+2 it?s half life or near half life of the opponent. CH f+1, 2,1 is awesome for a safe 8f jab and can be hit confirmed, without risking getting punished like Julia/Wang and their 8f 1,1,1s. Also, even though it?s not too common, catching someone with CH d/f+1,2,1,2 does a good chunk as well. CH d/b+2 got a damage boost, now giving a guaranteed dash 1+2.

Ass does the same damage as EWGF, his new lows do good damage (f+3+4 and HBS spins). His wall combo isn?t as great as other characters (2,1,3) but like mentioned before, his HBS/ROL mixups are greater there.

Overall Rating - 15


Punishment - 3/5
Standing punishment includes 1,3(i10) on 10-11, d/f+4(i12)_d/f+1(i13) on 12-13, f+4,4(i14)_b+2,1(i15)_d/f+2(i15) on 14-up, qcf+1+2(i12) on pushbacks. Crouching punishment includes WS+4(i11)_WS+1+2(i12) on 11-12, WS+2(i15)_u/f+4(i22) on 15-up. Nothing special, but not that bad either. 3 out of 5.

Offense - 3/5
His throws are a strong part of his game, although compared to others he gets the short end of the stick. f+1+4 and f+2+3 throws are i10 frames with above average damage, and ff+1+2 is ok damage despite the needed dash. Tackle is easily broken and the followups are ok damage at best, but they are a pure guess on the opponents part. Dragunov's lows while they can be annoying sometimes really don't make opponents duck. His d/b+3 is good in speed despite being readable and his poke lows d+4_d+2_d+3 are good, but nothing really special. Dragunov's mids are the strongest point in his game. d/f+4's range is sick, d/f+1 while not Raven good it is still good, and u/f+3 is your friendly neighborhood foot to the face. qcf+2 is a good launcher that's only jab punishible and can even avoid that jab punishment from short ranged jabbers like Xiaoyu with a followup qcb+2. Overall he has some good throw/mid tools, but with no strong mid/low mixup, and very bad tracking issues leaves him with a 3 out of 5.

Whiff punishing - 3/5
d/f+2 for close range whiffs, WS+2_WS+1+2 for ducked whiffs, and qcf+2 for distance whiffs. He has what he needs, but nothing more than that. No brainless launchers and nothing fast with range gives him a 3 out of 5.

Keep Out/Panic Moves -4/5
Drag has an ok Magic 4, great low crush with u/f+4 and good high crushes with d+2, d+3 and d/b+3. b+3+4 auto-parrys punches which is useful and qcb+2 has its uses as well.

Wake-Ups - 2/3
His stomp for grounded opponents, d+4,1,3_d+4,4_ff+4_f+2+3 for rollback, f+2+3_qcf+4_d/b+1+2, 1 for sideroll. He has spike juggles, but are garbage without successful oki. A lot of ways to get you for moving on the ground, but not a whole lot of ways to get you just laying there. Adding that, and the risk it is for Dragunov to try his catches leaves him with a 3 out of 5.

Damage - 1/3
Good damage overall from his CH's to his power high/mid/lows, but his juggles only reach the 50-60 mark even with his best launchers in play. Only qcf+2 leads to big damage which is slow and very linear.

Overall Rating: 16/26


Punishment: 3/5
Standing punishment includes 123 for 10~11 but puts her at -7, 1+2 for 12~14 with an additional df3+4 if they dont tech,hopkick for 15, qcf1 or d22 for 17, and d3+4 for 18+.
Crouching punishments include ws4 for 11~14, hopkick for 15, and ws2 for 18+. Her d22 has great reach, and will punish pushback moves like deathfist and blazing kick.

Offense: 3/5
All her throws lead to great wakeup games. She has great mids and ok lows. Her annoying df1, great evading qcf1, random ss hopkicks, and her df3+4 flips.
For lows, she has d1 which tracks a bit to her right and high crushes, the risky but tracks & high crush db4, db3 leading to combos with great wakeups, the unseeable ff4, and her FC df3 slide.
For tracking she has the short range but unpunishable f3 mid, high but + frames on block f4, and db4 which is risky but high crushes.

Whiff punishing: 3/5
1+2, hopkick, df3+4 depending on distance. She has the second best hopkick in the game (after Julia), but afterall, it is still a hopkick (range wise).

Keep Out: 3/5
She doesnt really have a "keep out" move. If anything its her magic 4, but since its more of a 41 rather then a 4, it sucks more then the normal magic 4s.
Lili is not a 1 because of her crazy sidestepping skill. No other character can side step kazuya's df2.

Wakeups: 3/3
All her throws lead to wakeups.Guess wrong and you would be eating her flips (df3+4), getting hit from your back, or getting popped up into a combo.
Her air combo using her flip kicks is a guessing game between 64+ damage or 58 damage with wakeups afterwards.
ff4 on grounded leads to sick wakeup games as well.

Damage: 2/3
Low parry leading to more then 80 damage or more then 75 damage with wake ups is pretty up there.
Her staple combo damage goes over 60 damage, and even when you're not THAT close to walls, the f2,1+2 finisher can guarantee a df3+4.

Overall Rating: 17/26


Punishment - 4/5
Standard 1,2 for -10. -12 Bruce gets a nice chunk of life with f+2,4. -15 Bruce can get hop kick and moves that push back he gets b+2. All very nice. He can also punish most low pokes with ws+2,1. Sweeps he get u/, N,4 and ducked throws he can get hop kick.

Offense - 1/5
His throws are the worst in the game, his lows are low damage and are pretty punishable. He has b+2 as his main mid, but nothing specail. His cd guesing game isn't bad, but the low option just doesn't do enough damage and doesn't give enough advantage to be extremely scared of. All other mids and launchers are punishable, don't do much damage or too slow. A good turtle absolutely destroys Bruce.

Whiff Punishing - 4/5
b+2, one of the better whiff punishers in the game. Fast, unpunishable, sets up wake-ups and on CH Bruce gets half life. If he had a launcher with some range, this would be a 5.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 2/5
Bruce has a lot of trouble tracking, so people ss'ing as they come in can give him problems. d/f+1,2 does good damage but punishable for some character and his ass on whiff. d/f+4 is ok, but ss'able, d/f+33 is decent but a lil slow and also linear. At least has evasive moves with d/b+4 and db/+3 strings, ff+2 is a good punch parry, d/f+3 as a decent high crush and hop as a good low crush.

Wake-ups - 1/3
He has cd+3 which does good damage, unfortunetly punishable though. d+4 is also horribly punishable along with everything else that does decent damage to a grounded opponent.

Damage - 2/3
When Bruce guesses right defensivly, he does good damage, his launches, punishaments and CH's do very nice chunks. But if he falls behind, he has nothing to catch up, he has to take 4 or 5 big risks just to get back into the game.

Overall Rating: 14/26

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