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Punishment - 5/5
Paul punishes moves pretty hard. 8 frame jabs, d+1+2 for -12 moves which is verysolid. -15 he gets hop kick; DF for distant punishing; ws+4 for punishing low pokes for a nice chunk of life, ws+2 for ducking throws and certain sweeps and u/f,n,4 for big sweeps. If the move can be punished, Paul can punish it pretty well.

Offense -3/5
Paul's offense is nothing scary, but nothing to complain about either. b+2 is a solid mid, tracks very wel, unpunishable and sets up a solid wake-up for Paul. It also has the same start-up as falling leaf, which also tracks very well and does good dmg. His throws are decent and ss+3 also has its moments. DF also serves as a good mid for characters who can't punish it very well.

Whiff punishing - 4/5
Deathfist. Thats it. A decent whiff punisher. I'd much rather have something that launched reliably, but hey, deathfist is ok. Damage is only there on CH tho. For whiffs it doesnt do anything better than any other characters deathfist type move. In close df2 is a lofe saver though.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 3/5
d+1, magic 4, qcb+1 are his main keep out moves. Shredder kicks are an annoying low crush as well. Nothing great, but not bad either.

Wake-ups - 2/3
His wake-ups off throws are either non existant or very generic. His combos lead to 0 wake ups as well. If you do lay there, he does have solid hitting moves that hit grounded. b+2 has some noteable wakes as well, so its not horrible.

Damage - 1/3
Pauls combos do very average damage. DF does a nice chunk for a whiff punisher, but nothing amazing. Even with CH's Paul struggles to do half life.

Overall Rating: 18/26


Punishment - 3/5
Main reason, is nina doesnt launch until i15, and that i15 move has bad range.
8f = 1,2 / 1,4
10f = f+1,2 / f+1,4
13f = d/f+1,2
14f = d/f+3,4 / f+3
15f = 1+4 / d/f+2
16f = b+1+4
19f = d/b+3+4
her ws punishment game is simple, ws+4, ws+2 for 15f launch, and ws+1,2 for close range. ws+2 doesn't have much range. Believe me when I say that

Offense - 2/5
Pretty standard offense. Decent throws, ok lows and a solid mid. 2+4 does good damge with good wakes, 1+3 has great wakes and could be very damaging d/f, d/f+1 43 plus a good position and a buffered u/f+1+2 is so quick. She has d/f+1,2 as her main mid poke tool and b+1+2 as her main damaging mid. ss+1+2 should be noted as a solid mid as well. 8f jabs, 1+4, ss+1 etc. u/f+1 has some nice gimmicks too. Her lows are very punishable but they are there as an option if throws are not working.

Whiff punishing - 4/5
ss+2, b+1+4. Thts all you really need. ss+2 at i13 is a beast. ou whiff from a distance b+1+4 eats you up. /b+3+4 for the bad whiffs. other than that f+3, d/f+3,4 for smaller stuff.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 4/5
ss+1, d/f+1,2 are annoying to try and get in on. b+4 CH leads to horrendous damage. u/f+1 is fairly safe on whiff, good low crush and is also great damage on CH.

Wake-ups: 2/3
Her throws wakes ups are pretty strong with d+4,1 shut up, wtf and u/f+1. Her juggle don't lead to any real wake ups unfortunetly, leaving her with an average score.

Damage - 2/3
61 dmg off of d/f+2
64 dmg off of ws+2, ss+2
67 dmg off of b+1+4
70 dmg off of d/f+3+4
those are all on normal hit. 80+ damage on a ch f+3 or b+4

Overall Rating - 17/26


Punishment - 3/5
Has a guaranteed 1,2 string that is 8 frames but doesn't have much else until 14 frames where gets a 3. At 15 frames he gets hopkick or d/f+2. His WS moves are OK, little better than 5.0 with ws+2,1 and gets u/f+4 or u/f,N,4 for moves with longer recovery. His punishment isn't bad, but nothing special.

Offense - 4/5
Lei has great 50/50 mixups out of his many stances. ff+2 is a nice tracking launcher that is safe against almost all WS moves. Has GREAT throws and lows. Generic d+4 is safe and an lead to stance, 7 frame throw, BT d+1, panther stance mix-up, and sweep. Has moves that grant frame advantage on block like ss+2,2, d/f+1, jab, f,N,3,4, and 3~4. u/f+3 as his unpunishable mid sets up a lot of crane stance shenanigans, unfortunely it only does 25 damage, if he had a more damaging mid he'd have a 5.

Whiff punishing - 3/5
Has a generic safe d/f+2 for close whiffs or those fuzzy whiffs where you aren't sure if the opponent will be able to block in time. Has nearly safe ff+2 and ff+3 for long whiffs. Has ss+4 and PLD 3+4. Both are safe on block. If ff+3 or ff+2 was just a LIL quicker to the point where he could punish small pokes on whiff OR unpunishable, it'd be a 4.

Keep Out/Panic moves - 5/5
Play dead variants are annoying, magic does good damage and rr works nicely as well to keep people from rushing in. His animal stances with their ss properties and special properties make attacking Lei a problem. He has great crush moves with d/b+4 and a safe u/f+3 doing half life. Attacking Lei can be a pain in the ass in the right hands.

Wake ups - 1/3
His juggles lead to no wakes and his throws lead to generic wakes as well. Not his strong point to say the least.

Damage - 1/3
Combos just did mid to upper 50's. Him having a sweep that does over 40 pts of damage is always nice. Nothing does half life without a CH unfortunetly.

Overall Rating: 17/26


Punishment - 3/5
For -8 to -9, 1,4
For -10 to -13, WS+4(i11), 2,3 or the safer 1,4 and d/f+4(i12)
For -14, b+2,1,1,4 *unless the opponent's Steve, Raven, Chreddy, Asuka
For -15, b+2,1,1,4, u/f+3(Near)
For -16 to -20 and blocked/parried lows, u/f+4, f+4, d/f+2,1 d+1+2(Bad Recovery moves -20)
-20 and above and long range whiff punishing, d+1+2

Offense - 3/5
Wang has everything he needs to break down a turtle. f+4 and b+2,1 for damaging/safe mids, some of the best set of throws in the game and damging low pikes and bow and a decent fc guessing game to keep the pressure.

Whiff punishing - 4/5
DF is one of the better whiff punishers in the game. b+2,1 has good range as well and a lil safer and d/f+2,1 up close for big damage.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 4/5
Magic does a nice chunk of life and fast. b+2~1 can be annoying as well as a keep out. b+3 should be noted as well. d/b+3, ss+4 and d+3 are good high crushes. Hop kick for low crush and 111 as a risky mashable half life gank. His b+1 when used effectively is great high damage reversal move as well.

Wake-ups - 1/3
His throws put him in great position for wake-ups as well as bow and arrow. However, not having a solid wake up off his juggles just gives him a below average score.

Damage - 2/3
His juggles do about average damage and his lows are average damage as well. His wanning moon is strong but unfortunetly the only real thing you have to look out for damage wise.

Overall Rating : 17/26


Punishment - 1/5
He has an 8 frame 1,2 that is pretty much his only punishing tool. He has NOTHING for 11-14 frames. His standing launcher is 16 frames, df+2. His ws+1 is a good ws move for throws and sweep but horribly punishable if blocked. Him having to settle with 1,2 at -15 frames on down has to be the worst, and the fact he only gets a f+4 for blocking moves with pushback doesn't help (most of the time f+4 doesn't reach). He gets a 1.

Offense - 3/5
His normal throws are decent, 1+3 often gives a free db+4 into a very good situation afterwards in different cases. His df+1+4 and also a good double breaker so his throws are above average. His mids are decent with d/f+1, d/b+2,2 and f+2 as his unpunishable mids, but unfortunetly don't do much damage. His lows are fairly good. d+3 deals little damage but is safe and gives good advantage for throws. db+3 is a good low that gives a very nice adv on hit, but can be jabbed easily into a small juggle. It does low crush however and knockdown on CH for a free hit. db+4 crushes highs for a meaty b+3. His spiniroonie flies out of qcf, for yet another free hit. qcf+2 is a fairly safe low that leads to over 40 damage into Raven's wakeup game. Sick. If Raven had a more abusable, damaging/safe mid to compliment his good throws and lows, he'd be a 4.

Whiff Punishing - 4/5
4~3 is an amazing whiff punisher. It has really good range and low crushes. Leads to great damage too. df+2 whiff punishes very well up close also.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 2/5
Raven can't safely fish for good CH damage without taking a risk. d/f+3 does good damage but his ass on whiff. Same with 2,4. Other than that, all he's really got is d/f+1, jabs, d/b+2,2 and a really good ss to keep people off him, they don't do much damage unfortunetly. His crush moves are ok with d/b+4 as a high crush and u/f+3 and u/f+4 as low crush.

Wake Ups - 3/3
All of Raven's juggles can end with b+44 which put him in prime position for SDW wakeups. He gets a ton of juice during SDW wakeups. SDW f+1 leads to a free juggle which can end rounds. ff+3+4 and SDW f+3+4 offer a mid/low mix-up a meaty hit, and ff+3+4 can also lead to a nice little juggle to boot. SDW 2,4 is a safe two hits that lead to a mini juggle on hit. Pretty nice stuff. While he's not backturned, db+3, uf+3, b+3, db+4, and f+3+4 mixups offer a ton of damage as well. Around a wall, raven can easily corner an opponent and mix it up for the win with these moves.

Damage - 3/3
His juggles do decent damage, around 60 a piece, but the wake ups that follow can quickly lead to 80+ damage in a hurry. His wall game, f+3+4,4,2 deals a hefty chunk and his normal juggle wall carries very well, combining for a lot of juice. f+3+4,4,2 on the wall leaves you in very good position afterwards for wake up too.

Overall Rating: 16/26


Punishment: - 1/5
-10 through -14 she's forced to use 4 which is pretty bad. -15 she gets 2, but has to be close. -15 at a distance b+2,1+2 is ok. -16 she finally gets consistant good damage with 1+2. Good distance punishing with f+1+2 and f+2 at times is useful as well. Her ws is decent with -14, but can't get a launch fc until -19 which is really rough. She has easy punishing and can punish effectively, but unfortunetly they do little damage compared to the rest of the cast.

Offense - 4/5
Tons of useful mids and lows that are unpunishable or well nigh unpunishable on block and they all set something else up if they're blocked or if they hit. Doesn't matter. She tracks both directions well, has a useful unblockable, has an unbreakable mid grab for pressure, and has a thousand safe launchers on block. Retarded. Add the fact that many of her pokes on hit leave you right next to her in disadvantage and you can see that she forces mistakes well. Turtling her kinda sucks, attacking her is even worse. If her poke pressure game did a little more damage, this would probably be a 5.

Whiff Punishing - 4/5
Punishing up close she has 1+2 and 2, both are very good as they are safe on block for fuzzy whiff punishes. At distances she has f+2, and f+1+2 and u/f+4 which are good. Good whiff punishing overall, nothing crazy like Jack's d/f+2 or TP or EWGF, but very good.

Keep Out/Panic moves - 3/5
Magic 4 but no really good juggle after it hits, she has great crush moves in u/f+3, u/f+4 d/+2 and d/b+4.

Wake-Ups - 3/3
Lying opponents eat d/b+3 (15 damage but low risk); 3+4 (slow but hits committed sleepers); and 3~4 (riskier but hits ground rollers and does nice damage). Tech rollers can expect lots of love from horrible f+3 guess your spin/unblockable/cancel etc. etc. games or eat some unbreakable d/b+1+2 mid grab as well as the standard throw/mid/low guessing games that people love. Backrollers love f+2, and if that isn't in range or timed well, they might like f+2 cancels or some long range iWS+3+4 pressure to gauge the opponent's next move. 1+4 picks people up like no other, and d+3+4 beats both wake-up 3 or 4 if the situation is right. Lots of her throws, combos, and knockdowns put opponents in situations for these games to come into play much of the time.

Damage - 1/3
Overall pretty average damage. Unless she lands a CH F/C d/f+2, she's not gonna get over half life. Her relative ease of execution and overall safety it would make sense that huge damage comes with CH only. Still, her massive plethora of normal hit launchers will grant you what I would consider launcher class damage (50pts. plus), but just barely. Still, the reward is pretty balanced considering how easily she can force/pressure a mistake by being so safe and difficult to avoid.

Overall Rating: 16/26


Punishment - 5/5
Standing Punishers
- 21_24 for -10f or worse moves
- df1 for -13
- EWHF_d3+4 for -14
- uf4 for -15
- ff2_f4 for -16 as distance punisher
Low Punishers
- ws4 for -11
- ws12 for -13
- ws2 for -14

Offense - 3/5
Jin has solid mids that do chunk of life such as d/f+4, f+4, ff+3, good mid pokes in d/f+1,4 and annoying lows with d+4, d+3,3 cd+4 for a sweep and launchers with cd+1 and hop kick along with ok throws. Nothing special, nothing terrible.

Whiff Punishing - 3/5
Jin has trouble punishing whiffs at a distance effectively. Dash ewhf is prolly his best bet, but unfortunetly doesn't launch like he'd like it to be. On top of that he has no real long range mid whiff punish, against his best bet is prolly a f+4 or ff+2. Still very eh. Whiff moves up close he gets the standard hop kick at least.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - /5
Wake Ups: 1/3
Good wake-ups off his 2+4 and u/f+1+2 throws but that is it unfortunetly. All juggles and other knock downs lead to 0 wakes at all.

Damage: 2/3
Jins damage aint that high, his average juggle damage is high 50s low 60s area. But he does get a great deal amount of damage off of just poking, df14 NC on CH i believe it's 32_30 on hit. Jin aint really to much of launched based character like true mishimas, but he does get juggles in off of SS something they whiff you hopkick. Or just CH hunting as well, f4 into cd~iws12~ff~f4 for i believe 68 damage. But as in just regular launcher juggles he doesnt get to much, cd1 he gets 65-66 damage but thats about the highest he'll get off a launcher that could potentially get you launched as well.

Overall Rating: 16/26


Punishment - 3/5
-10 he gets 1,2. -12 he gets b+4 for a nice chunk. -15 d/f+2 and -17 b+3 . Average stuff. ws moves he gets ws+4,4 at -11 blocked lows, -15 and ducked throws is ws+3 and for sweeps he gets juicy hop kick. Again pretty average stuff.

Offense - 3/5
Hwoarang doens't have any *scary* lows, but they are annoying and more abusable than most low pokes in the game. d/b+3 being -13 with a +3 is a nice way to get in with frames and little consequence. ss+4 is a great low getting +9 on hit and setting up some nasty RFF mix ups afterwards, its also not launch punishable and on CH does close to half life. d/b+4,4 with the 2nd hit now nonduckable if the first hits should also be noted. On top of that his throws are very good. Neck break throw does good damage, qcb+3 does great damage with wake ups and d,d/b+1+2 double break also does decent damag ewith good wake up. Hwoarang's mids are also decent out of cd with ff+3, ws+4,4 and ws+3. He can also run up and do u+3+4 with jump glitch as a hard to see mid with decent juggle. His mids out of RFF are great as well with 2, f+4~4 and d/f+4. Playing a good throw breaker however he only has annoying lows to do damage, but at least they are not very punishable.

Whiff Punishing - 3/5
b+3 and d/f+2. B+3 has good range, good damage and is decently fast, however if you misjudge he is screwed hard. Lacks a farther whiff punisher besides b+3.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 2/5
b+2 is ok, d/f+2, d/f+3,4 and d/f+3,3 is ok but either risky on whiff or not too damaging. Ok high crush with d/b+3 and risky high crush with d+4,4, Bon just doesn't have a whole lot of scary stuff to get hit by that is safe unfortunetly.

Wake-ups - 2/3
Depending on what juggle he does, he's got some interesting wakes. Juggles that spike into RFF warrants a free 3 and if they move he gets a whole new juggle. If they continue to lay there and take the 3 then he can start doing ff+3. Not bad. His throws have decent wakes as well, but nothing inredibly scary.

Damage - 3/3
His d/f+2 does normal damage, but the launcher he prolly hits with the most is b+3 and that does half life without a CH. And with CH's he can get over half life which is nasty If your lucky enough to get a jf sky rocket he can get well over half. His command throws with wakes do good chunks of life as well.

Overall Rating: 16/26


Punishment - 2/5
Standing punishment includes (f+)1,d+2_d/f+4 on 8-14 frame punishment depending on range, and f+3, 4~3_d/f+2~1_b+4 on 15-up depending on range. Crouching punishment includes WS+4 on 11-15, cc~d/f+2~1_u/f+3+4 on 16-21 frame low moves, and WS+2? on 22-up moves. Generally average punishment on paper, but is badly hurt due to her poor range in game.

Offense - 3/5
Her throws are really nothing special, no small window breaks, no high damage or juggle producing throws. She does however get good wake up after some of them. 1+3 gives a free d+4 or a strict timed d/f+2~1, d/f+1+2 gives a free fairly strict timed d/f+2~1. Her lows are slow, not very damaging, and just not a strong point in her game. Her knockdown lows are both blockable on reaction, and both are badly punishible by the majority of the cast. The redeeming factor to her lows is that d/b+4_SS+4_RDS D+3 are CH launchers, and her low damage lows generally give good advantage on hit. Her poke mids are low-mid damage with good advantage on hit, but usually none give offensive presence on block. Her juggle mids and power mids have always given the opponent more reason to stand than duck. She has the tools to eventually get a turtle to come out of their shell, but doesn't come as easy as most.

Whiff punishing - 2/5
d/f+2~1 is a good up close whiff punisher, but from a distance she really is lacking with u/f+3+4 as her best and only doing 30 damage with no wakes.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 4/5
AoP is a great high crush, crushes some mids as well and provides good whiff punishing and/or mix-ups although the lows are lacking in damage. Magic 4 with practice does a lot of damage. ff+3 is annoying, tracks and gets a lot of life on CH. She also has parry and a lot of movement BT to scare people from attacking her. Her new BT auto-parry moves has uses also.

Wake-Ups - 2/3
Her wake-up after her throws isn't bad. Run up 1+2, 4~3 is a big notable as her backroll catch. RDS 2~2 ender gives a good wake with RDS d+3_RDS ff+3 and setups. The XMTS ender still as always gives reason to not play possum against Xiaoyu. Wall wake is strong with jumpover RDS 4 if they tech and SS+4_4~3 if they stay down. The reason she isn't a 3 is because she has good mids that hit grounded, but her lows are lacking to create a good mixup.

Damage - 2/3
Her standard juggles do over 60 damage which is pretty good. Magic 4 does 58 damage, against veyr nice. Her lows are limited in damage however and to actually get her opponent in the air she has to take a bit amount of risk.

Overall Rating: 15/26

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