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Punishment - 3/5
-112_12_121 for -8.
-b+1 and df1,2 for -13
-ff+2, df+1+2 for -14
-df+22, df+1+2 for -16
-uf2, dck2 for anything over -19

Only reason he doesnt get a 5 is because he can't punish -15~-16 with launch punishers like he did in 5.0 with df2. For this reason people can get away with a lot of stupidness without paying the price. If steve could say....punish a -14 with a knee like lee or -13 with fb2 he'd get a 5.

Offense - 3/5
Probably steve's bigger problems is that he doesnt have any low worthy of being ducked. D+21~db is his only safe low that does chip damage, not really even worth ducking. Lows like db32 and d1 will just get you launched on block.

But even if you did duck steve he doesnt exactly have much damaging mids anyway. He still does have a wide array of fast highs and mids that can freeze anyone out. His throws dont have great range like the bigger characters and so he relies on pokes like qcf1. That and spamming flicker jabs ony your opponent. These are much slower and give no frame advantage anymore. Sometimes you have to rely on your sway game and rely on your opponent's mistakes to do any real damage. If steve could do a low worthy of doing combo damage or even a safe low like 5.0 d1 that gives frame advantage he'd get a 4 or 5.

Whiff punishing - 4/5
He's pretty decent in this area. He has df+1+2 and ff+2 with a free low follow up. If you are really on your game you can land a 19 frame dck2 for 40%, not as good as dash ewgf, but it gets the job done. Not really amazing damage sometimes but all these move travel the distance with simple inputs (ff, df, f+3,2) Also ff,n,2 is really big for whiff punish, guaranteed db2!

KeeP Out/ Panic moves - 5/5
Like Marduk, you have to change the way you play the game with Steve sways, attacking him after a lot of his strings is always risky. 121 as always is annoying and b+1 is an equivellent to magic 4.

Wake ups - 3/3
Steve's strongest area imo. He has endless oki set ups that can relaunch his opponent from the ground if they guess wrong and if they stay on the ground they will eat a jump stomp or d+1+2. Against steve the best thing to do is probably just take whatever damage is coming to you instead of getting up the wrong way and getting launched. ext dck1 and dck2 are useful for doing this. Even a df1 on face up feet toward can yield a potential 1/2 life combo. He also can water down combos with dck1 and set up great wake up. I cant really say anything bad about steve's okizeme. It's great.

Damage - 2/3
Steve's worst attribute It's only playing on 100% that sort of saves steve of being a useless character. You need to land launches in tekken to win, but steve's are too slow (19 frames) and so you'll rarely get these done unless your opponent really messes up. His other pokes dont do any damage compared to dj, marduk, nina, raven can do with their easy to land one hit launches. Steve suffers the worst from not being able to big chunks of damage with his pokes. His quickness and evasion sort of compensates for this by avoiding heavy damage himself.

Overall Rating: 20/26


Punishment - 2
Standard 1,2 for -8 and 10. -13 d/f+1,2 is ok, -14 d/f+3,2 which is still just ok. Her ws id limited to ws+1,2 and ws+4 again just ok. Ducking throws and blocking sweeps she can get a ws+2 or flip kick which is decent at least. The main thing though is not having anything at -15, she does not get a launch until -16 which sucks.

Offense - 4
Good annoying poking game with d/f+1,2 d/f+4, 1,2 strings, but mainly its all about her fc ws+2/swipe mix-up.

Whiff Punishing - 4
For whiff punishing, she has df2 up close, d/f+3 stuff for a further distance, ff+3 is a solid whiff punisher with good damage, f+4 is decent as well.

Keep Out - 4
Solid magic 4 and d/f+1,2 and her jabs make it annoying to try and get in on Anna. Nothing extremely damaging, but annoying.

Wake-up - 3
u/f+3+4 as a safe ground hitting mid hit that keeps the opponent stuck on the ground next to Anna is pretty disgusting. Giving her d+4 pick ups, fc mix-up, d/b+4, running wakes after her juggles and it gets pretty nasty. Her wall wakes are even worse.

Damage - 3
ws+2 and fc d/f+2 both do mid 50's with running wake ups. Her wall game is so unfair compared to most of the cast it must be addressed as well, its ridiculous. On infinite stages Anna is just a normal character, but wall stages she is twice as good.

Overall Rating: 20/26


Punishment - 4/5
He has a 10f jab combo with great reach, that does as much damage as Mishima 1,1,2 with frame advantage. A good 13f (d/f+3+4), and -15 he gets his d/f+2. Certain moves with push back he gets d/f+2 still, and sometimes even f+1+2. .He has something for every situation, but his low max damage means he can't really fuck someone up for messing up.

Offense - 3/5
He has d/b+1 and u~u/f+1+2 and other great throws to keep them ducking, and enough quick mid pokes and power moves to make them scared to duck with megaton punch, u/f+2 and b+2 which cannot be CH. His offense is very linear and the moves he has that track are either very slow or risky.

Whiff Punishing - 5/5
df+2 is just the easiest shit in the world. punishes crouches, reaches half screen, super fast with single input. f+1+2 for far whiff punishing.

Keep Out - 4/5
d/f+2 is pretty much a longer, mid-hitting magic 4. It can't abused as much as its linear and can be punish on block though. d/b+1 is decent, but also ss'able and can be crushed, no real solid follow ups on hit though really, but it is fast and not easy to punish on whiff. 21 and f+2,1 are solid, pretty much his version of magic 4, but no crazy damage on CH, just really annoying.

Wakeup - 2/3
Jack has a lot of oki tools at his disposal to keep pressure on a downed opponent. MGF is a good ranged mid that is safe and hits grounded. f,f+3 does the same but with less range and + frames on block. Debugger and d/f+1+2 are there for grounded opponents as well. d/b+4 for a quick ground/low hit. He also basically gets a free run up d/b+1_d/f+4 mixup on opponents getting up as well. u/f,N+2_SS+1_HCF+1 put pressure on a standing opponent. IMO what keeps him from getting a 5 for wakeup is lack of one or two sureshot reliable oki options/situations like DJ d/f+1,2 ender into CD 4 stuff. He has great wakeup, but a lot of it can be fairly situational.

Damage - 1/3
Jack has great single hit moves, but he has very poor damaging juggles. His maximum punishment being in the 40's is rough. Jack doesn't have any 'bs' moves, like a crush that juggles or an easy CH move that does half life. If Jack beats you its cause he earned it.

Overal Rating: 19/26


Punishment - 3/5
-8 Law gets 112. -10 he gets 112 or 4,3 depending on what you like, both are average. -14 he gets f+4,3 which again is just ok and -15 is hop kick. Certain moves with small pushback like Julia's and Wang's d/f+2,1 or Wang's 111 he's not in range for a hop kick, so has to settle for a f+4,3 which kinda sucks. Moves that have pushback he gets a measeley b+2, but is better than nothing at least. He does has ws+2 as one of the better ws moves in the game so that does help.

Offense - 4/5
Law has f+2+3 which kills turtles. That mixed with ff+3+4 alone is a terrible guessing game. Mix in 2+4 and its great wake-ups and he has one of the best throw games in the game. Now give him f+1+2, a mid that does over 40 damage on hit, launches for half life on CH, tracks, and gives frames on block AND sets up his fc game, and you've got a nightmare for any turtle. If you aren't feeling f+1+2 most characters cannot punish flip kick too badly if at all. He also has instant flying kick mixed with instant ff+3. Oh yeah and he has d/b+3 too. Not having a good long distance mid move kinda hurts as a couple backdashes can cause f+1+2 to whiff being its a slow move.

Whiff punishing - 3/5
ss+3+4 is his only really good whiff punisher, and it is REALLY good. Small pokes like jabs and magic 4 are easily punished with this move if you have it ready, when it hits it sets up a wicked wake-up game. The bad news is you have to be ss'ing to get this move off, so you constantly gotta keep advancing with ss to make it work. Other than that though, he has nothing besides b+2 which is pretty terrible, thankfully, ss+3+4 is all you need.

Keep Out/Panic moves - 4/5
Magic 4, 123, d/f+2, d/f+1, flip kick(s), hop kick, d+2,3 and unchickenable reversal makes attacking Law even with great frame advatnage difficult.

Wake-ups - 2/3
Off ss+3+4 Laws wakes are disgusting, his 2+4, f+2+3 throws also has a solid wakes as well. After his combos he has no real good guessing games but can still apply some pressure at least.

Damage - 3/3
Any launch that Law gets off will do a large chunk of life. Flipkick, ws+2, hop kick, f+1+2 CH all do very good damage (over 60). He also has magic 4 and ss+3+4 into wake-ups can easily do over half life. His throws do good damage as well especially ff+3+4. If he had better and more damaging punishing moves, this might be a 5.

Overall Rating: 19/26


Punishment - 3/5
Standard 1,2 for -10 through -12. -13 he gets d/f+1,1 and -14 he gets d/f+2 which is not too shabby. He has one of the best punishers for moves with pushback (like deathfist, blonde bomb ext.) with d/f+3+4. Him not having a move to truly hurt low pokes is rough, and ducking throws he does not get a launcher, u/f+3+4 at best.

Offense - 4/5
A master of rodeo can inflict fear into most turtlers. If they are concentrated on throw breaking chances are you can get them to freeze and force a RLX mix-up where the risk/reward is heavily in Eddy's favor. His lows are also annoying and have great properties of being unpunishable or unparryable or just long and fast. If his low pokes did more damage, he'd be a 5.

Whiff punishing - 4/5
qcf+3 is a great whiff punisher at a distance, up close he's got d/f+3+4 and for safeness d/f+2. Since he lacks a ss, its hard for him to whiff punish pokes, but he does have b+2 and RLX to get under them and force his RLX guessing game which is in his favor.

Keep Out - 4/5
Eddy has got one of the best backdashes in the game. Equipped with a pluthery of keep out and mashable moves moves like d/f+2, iRLX, b+2, d/b+1+2, ss+4, u+4, b+3~3 there's no solid answer to attack Eddy, certain characters can give Eddy problems, but overall he's very solid in this department.

Wake-ups - 2/3
Has got great unpunishable mids that do a lot of damage to grounded opponents forcing them to get up and guess. After his standard combo he has running wake-ups. Only thing he lacks is decently damaging low move to mix-up with his great mids that hit grounded.

Damage - 2/3
Eddy does nice chunks of life off any launcher and with so many moves that launch (qcf+3, d/f+3+4, d/f+2 CH, RLX mix-ups) 1 mistake could cost you half your life or more. His throws are strong as well, but against a good turtle, Eddy doesn't have much to do significant damage.

Overall Rating: 19/26


Punishment - 3
He gets 1,1_1,2_2,2 outa 10 frame, ws+4,4,3 outa 12 frames, f+1+2,4 outa 14 frame. d/f+2 outa 15 frames, and b+4 outa 16. In general, his punishers don't do much to scary his opponents and are about average.

Offense -3
Baek has good offensive game from range 0-1.5. On surface, he got good mid/low pokes that net him guaranteed damage on normal (ws+"4,4",3, and d/b+3,3) His general poking game is decent, and is possible for custom pseudo-frame traps. His FLA looping, though devastating at glance, can be defeated by carefully ss/sw, as well as characters-specific attacks.

Whiff punishing -3
His best launcher, d/f+2, has no range. CH 4 works only if it interrupted the whiffed strings. Two of his best punishers, 1+2,4_u/f~3+4, have no solid follow-ups. His punishers aren't all that damaging to stop opp's aggression. His high crush-related punishing is good, however. d+3,3 goes under jabs, d/b+4 goes under high attacks.

Wake-ups - 5
Just the ground game alone, his is almost as good as Nina was in 5.0. d+2 catches everything except quick standing. d+4,3,3,3 lifts roll-backs, d/b+3,3 scoops roll back + wall stun, and d+3,3,3 hits everything except rolling on the second hit. His problem, however, is that his launcher isn't as godly as his wake-ups.

Damage- 4
Wall damage, okizeme damage, throw damage, CH damage. All these deal good amount of health off if opp is not careful.

Overall Rating - 18/26


Punishment - 4/5
Yoshi's punishment is superb. Certain moves that characters cant punish, yoshi gets a free flash for 60 damage. for example ganryu's d/f+1+2 blocked, free flash because flash is 5 frames. lots of strings can be interrupted, and moves like lee's u/f+4 and anna's f,f+3, and the generic KND b+3+4 (the slow spring up kick) can be flashed on block aswell, where everyone else will only get jabs.
other then that yoshi has...
-8frames: f,f+4, the 8 frame mid that does 15 and knocks down. he also has a 1,2,1 jab string for 19 dmg.
-12frames: d/f+4, the roundhouse kick that does 17 dmg.
-14frames: u/f+3, hopkick juggle for 50+ dmg
-16frames: d/f+2, one of the best d/f+2's in the game btw, big reach and only -6 on block, 60 damage juggle w/o walls.
-17frames: f+2, into a guaranteed backthrow for 62dmg+good oki, or a BT juggle for max dmg of about 70+dmg. this is a great move for big whiffs or for sidestepping the opponents moves.

Offense - 1/5
Yoshi is a victim of bad tracking, lacks a solid low that can pressure, bad throw range, and lacking a damaging/safe mid. He can only rely on tricks and shenanigans to get penetrate a turtle's shell.

Whiff Punishing - 4/5
Once again d/f+2 and f+2 have great range for juggle starters. f,f+4 punishes pretty much any whiff, FC d/f+3 is useful sometimes, u/f+3 is good for close range. and f+3+4 is probly the longest range punisher in the game.

Keep Out/Panic moves - 3/5
d/f+2 and ss+1 are very solid moves that you have to watch out for that do very good damage, but a lil slow Flash is very fast but require opponent to attack at close range. d/f+4 is annoying as well but no big damage. Good stuff, but nothing crazy.

Wake ups - 3/3
Yoshi's oki is extremely damaging, and alot of the times if yoshi guesses right, oki is reset. Swordsweep catches tech's(duh). f+3+4 catches opponents who roll back or try to stand straight up after a spike juggle. d/f+1+2 is a good addition to his wakes as a low hit that does decent damage and catches side rollers. d+1 is guaranteed in alot of situations, esp after throws and spike juggles. and dont forget his FC mixup, which isnt a 50/50, because there are 3 scary options, mid,low and unblockable.

Damage - 3/3
He does pretty solid damage for the most part. 60 dmg off of d/f+2. 60 dmg off of CH ss+1. 53 dmg off of u/f+3. swordsweep does a shitload when you factor in the oki mixups afterwards. also flash staple juggle does 63 dmg. and if there are walls, his wall game is solid.

Overall Rating - 18


Punishment - 5/5
Best 8 punisher in the game with 1,2,4. -10 he gets 1,2,4 or 2,1 for better frame adv but less damage. Long distance -10 frame punisher with f+4 is also nice. -14 on up Lee gets u/f+4 which is good. Moves with slight pushback he gets acid storm and moves with further pushback he gets b+1,1,2 for a nice chunk. ws he has ws+3,3 for -10 and -14 Lee gets u/f+4 knee launcher which is one of the better ws arsenals in the game.

Offense - 2/5
Lee has got a great mid with b+4 and other annoying mid pokes. However him not having a better double breaker and better low makes his offense just somewhat threatening. All his lows pokes do good damage; fc, d/f+4, d/b+4, d+3, d/b+3 and slide, they are all very punishable unfortunetly so in order for him to break through a turtle he's got to take some risk. His throws have good wake ups though if they get off and a good Lee can keep the momentum going with his low pokes to start doing significant damage.

Whiff Punishing - 3/5
ff+3 and b+1,1,2 are his main whiff punishers from afar, acid storm is decent as well. d/f+2 and u/f+4 up close. Not bad, but no launchers from afar makes his whiff punishing average.

Keep Out/Panic Moves - 4/5
44, b+4, bb+4, and d/f+4 are great moves, not only for CH purposes but also leading into hitman to cause whiffs. u/f+4 is a great low crush move as well as d+3 for high crush.

Wake-ups - 2/3
Lee's throws have good 50/50 wakes with d/b+3 mixed with d+4,4,4,4. Double breaker provides good tech wakes as well. Juggles ending in 2,1,2 set up his fc game which leads to some decent guessing games, but nothing that safely hits on the ground and no mid that hits the ground lessens the threat of his spike juggle. Again, his wakes are good, but nothing overwhelimg.

Damage - 2/3
His juggles off knee and d/f+2 do mid to upper 50's which is average, but with the damage of b+4 and blazing kick doing upper 60's his damage is slightly above average. His punishment is more painful than most and his low pokes, although punishable, do decent damage enough to cause people to duck.

Overall Rating: 18/25

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