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Everything about Baek!

Newbie Silencer/QnA: (For beginners, 3x3+4, proper FLA cancel, instant FLA throws, etc)

Baek Top 10: (Beginners/intermediate players)

Baek DR Strats: (For intermediate players. in-depth strat)

Beginners' Guide to Baek's Basic Looping (Beginners/Intermediate players)

Baeked Potato as Side Dish ? The Unconventional Baek Strategy Guide: (Intermediate / Advanced)

Baek FLA WD study: (Advanced)

Baek Juggles:

Baek b+3 Evasion/Punishing:

Baek Matchups/Anti strat:

Baek Throw Strat: (Situations for throws)

Baek FLA WD Strat:

Baek T6 Discussion/Vid:

Baek Match Vids:

PM me if u see anything that should be added in.

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