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for all the people who are new here, i present to you this dictionary that will help you understand some of the jargon that people blurt out in the forums.

and for all other oldtimers, i'd like to request for help with this list. i'll update the first post of this thread so that i can arrange the words by alphabet and so that new people won't have a hard time scrolling down, because everything's on the first post.

NOTE: for additional information on character moves, we suggest you proceed to the corresponding character's movelists. also, for information on how to do special maneuvers (such as wavedashes, chickens, parries or reversals), i suggest you check out Xiang's Basics Guide. links to all of them can be found below the dictionary in case you're still not familiar with the Tekken Zaibatsu website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the jargon you're looking for is mentioned quite a lot, but for some reason, they're not here in the Jargon Dictionary, then most likely, it's in the Tekken Zaibatsu Legend Page.


> (random letters) - indicates that the forum user is either too mad or laughing too hard for him/her to type correctly
> "5" - refers to Jack-5's unblockable ridiculously-powered move "Gigaton Startup" to "Windup" to "Gigaton Punch"
> ">" - "is greater than", the thing that precedes the ">" is better than the thing that goes after the ">", may also be used in auccession, such as ">>>>>>"
> "+(number)" - 1 - refers to frame advantage - 2 - another way of agreeing with with someone else's message
> "-(number)" - refers to frame disadvantage
> "1P" - means the first player's position, left side
> "2P" - means the second player's position, right side

--- A ---

> aircombo - see [juggle]
> AGF - "animal godfist", a move done by Roger Jr.
> AK - an abbreviation for the name of Armor King
> AP - "auto parry"

--- B ---

> backflip - evasive maneuvers done by some characters that evades opposing characters by doins some sort of jumping maneuver, usually done with u_u/b
> bad breath - another name given for Nina's 'Evil Mist'
> bandwagoner - 1 - members who just go with the flow for the sake of belongingness - 2 - tekken players who choose only the "best" tekken characters no matter who they are
> BB - "blonde bomb", a move done by Nina
> BDC - "back-dash cancelling"
> bigs - refers to large characters, Marduk for example
> BK - "blazing kick", a move done by Lee
> blade - another name for Raven; coined because of his resemblance to the popular movie vampire-hunter
> bob - the commonly accepted zaibatsu name of Hwoarang; originated from the generally agreed upon difficulty of this character's name spelling and pronounciation
> broken - 1 - refers to moves that have been nullified by specific actions, i.e. throw-breaking or chickening - 2 - a word used by members to refer to characters or moves that have certain problems, i.e. too strong, too weak, etc.
> buffering - 1 - the art of moving the directional pad or joystick during the recovery time of a previous move and still have it registered, works only with certain moves - 2 - the practice of holding a button while pressing another one, and in effect, it registers as a command where both buttons were pressed
> bulldog - see [pitbull]

--- C ---

> cabinet - another word for the arcade game machine
> can-can kicks - another name used for Jin's, Devil Jin's and Asuka's 'Purple Cloud Kicks'
> CAT - another name used for Anna's 'Chaos Judgement Stance'
> CCC - "Chit Chat Cafe" threads or forum
> cheese - refers to moves/tactics that are relatively easy to do, but damaging
> cheese knees - another name used for Bruce's 'Knee Blast' to 'Knee Lunge'
> chicken - a move that prevents a reversal
> chreddy - an abbreviation used for 'Christie or Eddy'
> club punch - another name for Steve's 'Eagle Claw'
> COM - "chains of misery", a move done by Bryan
> crush - a move that possesses a certain number of frames invulnerable to a certain class of attack; if for example, a move crushes high attacks during certain frames, even if the atttacking frames for an attack overlap with your character's vulnerable hitbox during those crush frames, it will not register as a hit.

--- D ---

> d+4JF - abbreviation used for Paul's 'Demolition Man'
> DC - "divine cannon", a move done by Nina
> DEWGF - "dashed electric wind godfist", a move done by Kazuya, Hiehachi and Devil Jin
> DEWHF - "dashed electric wind hookfist", see [ewhf]
> DF - "death fist", another name used for Paul's 'Phoenix Smasher'
> double post - a strange occurence that happens when a forum member of tekken zaibatsu registers a single post twice
> DJ - an abbreviation for the name of Devil Jin
> DR - "Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection"
> drag - an abbreviation for the name of Dragunov
> DU - "dark uppercut", a move done by Armor King
> duck - to crouch

--- E ---

> eat - to get hit directly by a move
> elbow - 1 - another name used for Julia's 'Party Crasher' - 2 - another name used for Anna's 'Assassin Dagger'
> EM - "evil mist", a move done by Nina
> embu - a short video or clip that features certain characters performing a solo display of their fighting arts and moves, embus were seen in Tekken 3 and 4
> EMGF - another name used for Jack-5's just frame "Megaton Uppercut"
> emo - emotional
> EOD - "end of dreams", Devil Jin's new throw in T5DR
> eSS - "electric sidestep", a quicker way of doing a normal sidestep
> EWBB - King's 'Black Bomb' executed with an EWGF's speed and precision
> EWHF - "electric wind hook fist", a move done by Jin

--- F ---

> FAC - "Fan Art Central" threads or forum
> fanboy - a male player that admires certain female characters of the game
> fangirl - a female player that admires certain male characters of the game
> float - to pick up an opponent off the mat for free juggles for any situation or reason other than getting hit with a launcher, i.e. getting interrupted with a jab during a jumping move or getting hit during a backroll
> foxstep - a move that can be done both when you're facing an opponent or when your back is facing your opponent,
> frame - a unit of time used for accurately measuring tekken-related speeds; it is important to note that tekken currently runs on 60 frames per second
> free hit - a move that is sure to succeed when done at the proper time
> FFD - "Fan Fiction Depot" threads or forum
> FR - "falling rain", a move done by Asuka
> frame nazi - anybody who tends to flame, belittle, and/or berate other posters over mistakes in their knowledge or posting of frame related information
> ft(number) - competitions with a "first to" condition, such as "first to 5 matches" or "first to 10 matches"
> FTP - "file transfer protocol"
> FTW - "for the win"

--- G ---

> GB - "guard break"
> GD - "General Discussions" threads or forums
> getup kicks - All kicks done from any knockdown position.
> getup (knockdown position) (number): Certain kick done from certain knockdown position
> greenhorn - see [newbie]
> groundgame - see [okizeme]
> GS - 1 - "Giant Swing", a move done by King and Armor King
> GT - "ground throw"

--- H ---

> haha step - refers to Lei's BT step mixups
> hayashida step - is a sway~sidestep type move commonly done by characters who can sway with qcb
> hei - an abbreviation for the name of Heihachi
> HS - "hell sweeps", a move done by Kazuya, Heihachi and Devil Jin
> hunting low - name given to the second hit of Nina's and Anna's 'Can Opener'
> HYP - "hypnotist", a move done by Xiaoyu

--- I ---

> i(number) - the number of frames it takes for a move to do its fastest possible execution speed, usually used to refer to jabs and pokes
> IIRC - "if i remember correctly"
> IMO - "in my opinion"
> iSS - "ice skate step", see [eSS]
> iSW - "instant shining wizard", a move done by King and Armor King

--- J ---

> jail - to force an opponent to block a whole sequence of moves
> JFSR - "Just Frame Sky Rocket", a move done by Hwoarang
> JGS - "jaguar step", a move done by King - 2 - "juggle-starter", see [launcher]
> juggle - generally accepted term for the art and practice of hitting an opponent while he is stranded on air
> juggle-ender - a move or series of moves that is used to end a juggling combo, usually powerful and/or long-range moves
> juggle-starter - see [launcher]
> just frame - moves that requires VERY strict timing to perform correctly

--- K ---

> kaz - an abbreviation for the name of Kazuya
> KBD - "korean backdash", another name for back-dash cancelling
> kumite - 1 - a controller that is used for the sole purpose of practice mode - 2 - a rare time where the player in an arcade does not get up from the arcade machine whether or not he wins, usually happens when there are visits by notable players from another area to challenge the local players
> kuni - an abbreviation used for the name of Kunimitsu

--- L ---

> launcher - a move or a combination of moves that gets the opponent into the air and sets him/her up for a juggle
> LC - "laser cannon", a move done by Devil Jin
> LD - "light dash"
> LEWGF - "light dashed electric wind godfist", a move done by Kazuya, Hiehachi and Devil Jin
> LMAO - "laugh my ass off"
> LP = "low parry"
> LS - "laser scraper", a move done by Devil Jin

--- M ---

> MA - "mad axes", a move done by Julia
> magic 4 - represents the basic 4 kick of some characters that have the ability to launch on counter hit, called magic because of its unusual nature
> man-boot - another name used for Paul's 'Solar Plexus'
> mash - to randomly hit buttons without any idea of their sequences and consequences
> masher - a player who mashes buttons at a regular basis, see [mash]
> MB - "muscle buster", a move done by King
> MC - "mountain crusher", a move done by Julia
> MF - "match finder" threads or forums
> mix-up - a series of moves available for characters that enable you to alternate your combo, so that you can keep your opponent guessing
> mirror match - a fight where the players use the same character
> mod(s) - 1 - see [moderator] - 2 - "modification"
> moderator - tekken zaibatsu individuals with powers but employs them for peacekeeping and maintenance purposes only
> MS - "mist step", a move done by Kazuya and Lee
> multi - multi-throw

--- N ---

> natural combo - a move or a group of moves that is sure to hit the opponent when the move that precedes it connects properly.
> nc - "natural combo", see [natural combo]
> ncc - "natural combo on counter hit", see [natural combo]
> nerf - to weaken a move or character for the sake of balance or fanservice
> newbie(s) - people who are new, whether in tekken or any other thing
> noob(s) - see [newbie]
> NORCAL - "Northern California"
> nub - 1 - jerk - 2 - see [newbie]

--- O ---

> oki - see [okizeme]
> okizeme - the art of beating the hell outta someone when the opposing character is lying on the ground
> OTGF - "omen thunder god fist", a move done by Heihachi

--- P ---

> parry - a move that deflects an opponent's attack to give you a momentary advantage, either in terms of positioning or in terms of frames
> PHO - "phoenix stance", a move done by Lei
> pitbull - a way of playing tekken that uses offensive tactics to the extreme
> PM - "private message", done between zaibastu members for private conversations
> POB - "punishable on block"
> poke - to do minor damage to an opponent, usually for the purposes of hit-and-run tactics or to disrupt combos
> poll - a thread that requires some sort of votation
> pummel - combos done in conjuction with walls
> PP - "punch parry"
> punish - the art of hitting an opponent without him/her having a chance to do anything about it, usually comes after certain moves when blocked or whiffed moves, see [free hit] [whiff]
> punishable - the state of being open for a punish

--- Q ---

> Q4T/QFT - "quoted for truth"

--- R ---

> RB - "rock bottom", a move done by King
> recovery - time required before the animation of a move ends before the character is allowed to do another move
> reversal - a maneuver that enables you to grab an opponent's appendage during his move and do a fancy throw animation to hurt your opponent

--- S ---

> sabaki - a move that auto-reverses certain attacks during its animation
> safe - a move that will not yield free hits when it is blocked
> scrub(s) - 1 - tekken players who are not really that good but think they are good - 2 - sore losers - 3 - complete assholes 4 - a term commonly used by players in referrence to less experienced players and/or players with a somewhat narrow minded fighting style
> set-up - a series of moves that are designed to confuse and guide your opponent into doing exactly what you want them to do, usually to get them to be vulnerable to launchers or powerful moves
> slam - to drop your opponent onto the ground with so much force to prevent them from quickly recovering, standing up or rolling
> sloth sweep - another name used for Marduk's 'Gator Sweep'
> snakedash - is a sway~sidestep type move commonly done by characters who can sway with qcb
> SOB - 1 - safe on block - 2 - "son of a bitch"
> SOCAL - "Southern California"
> spam - 1 - to repeat again and again - 2 - junk/litter - 3 - to do unnecessary things
> spike - see [slam]
> splat - see [wall splat]
> STFU - 1 - "shut the fuck up" - 2 - another name used for Nina's 'Shut Up'
> sticky - a status that a thread achieves when it is considered by the moderators as very important
> superman throw - another name used for Asuka's 'Falling Rain'

--- T ---

> t(number) - refers to "Tekken" while the number tells which version
> taste the rainbow - another name used for Paul's 'Dragon Thunderbolt Palm'
> tauntdash - is Bryan's taunt~f, taunt~f
> TC - "technically crouching"
> tech catch - a juggles situation/set-up designed and guaranteed to re-launch your opponent and/or give you free damage if they tech-roll, usually involves ending your juggle early
> tech trap - 1 - a mixup forced upon the opponent as they tech-roll, taking advantage of the fact that they can only block and so you have an essentially free mid/low mixup - 2 - sometimes used in the definition of [tech catch]
> tech roll - 1 - special moves done by players when hit by certain moves, which may decrease damage or change the properties of the assaulting move - 2 - is when you hit a button right as you land and your character rolls up (if you hit punches) or down (if you hit kicks)
> tenstring - a term that refers to tekken characters' ten-hit combos
> thread - the inner part of the forum, where the posts are visible
> tier - a ranking system for characters, moves and players that is unofficial, but is generally agreed upon players or may depend upon one's own opinion, may be used in conjunction with other words such as "low-tier", "upper-tier", "god-tier", etc.
> TP - "twin pistons", a move done by Kazuya, Heihachi and Devil Jin
> train - another name used for Armor King's 'Black Shoulder'
> TS - 1 - "tombstone", a move done by King - 2 - "throw shift" - 3 - "technically standing"
> TTT - "Tekken Tag Tournament"
> turtle - a way of playing tekken that uses defensive tactics to the extreme
> TZ - "Tekken Zaibatsu"

--- U ---

> UB - "unblockable"

--- V ---

> VTSC - "Vale Tudo Stance Cancel"

--- W ---

> wake-up - see [okizeme]
> wake-up game - see [okizeme]
> wall carry - moves or series of moves usually in a juggle designed to bring the opposing player nearer to the wall easily
> wall jump - a special move done by all characters by pressing b,b,u/b against the wall, usually some fancy flip or attack
> wall splat - occurs when a character "sticks" and gets stunned to the wall due to moves that drives him/her there or getting carried there
> WD - "wave dash", crouch dashes done in succession
> WEWGF - "wave dashed electric wind godfist", a move done by Kazuya, Hiehachi and Devil Jin
> WEWHF - "wave dashed electric wind hookfist", see [ewhf]
> wesley snipes - see [blade]
> whiff - happens when a move hits nothing, not even a block
> WM - "waning moon", a move done by Wang
> woot - an expression of elation, happiness or admiration towards something
> WTF - 1 - "wipe the floor", a move done by Nina - 2 - "what the fuck"

--- X ---

> XMTS - "x marks the spot", a move done by Xiaoyu
> xtie - an abbreciation for the name of Christie

--- Y ---

> yomi - the Japanese expression for mind games commonly used in gaming
> Yoshi - an abbreviation for the name of Yoshimitsu

--- Z ---

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the jargon you're looking for is mentioned quite a lot, but for some reason, they're not here in the Jargon Dictionary, then most likely, it's in the Tekken Zaibatsu Legend Page.

--- Other Useful Tekken Zaibastu Places ---

> Tekken Zaibatsu Forums FAQ - FAQ for the TZ forum

> Tekken Zaibatsu's LEGEND - button conventions and basic definition of terms...

> Xiang's Tekken Basics Guide - a text-format FAQ document by Xiang that covers most of the basic things about Tekken gameplay that everybody must learn. this FAQ document has helped me a lot during my own personal scrubby times and i still refer to it regularly when i need help. this is a MUST READ for beginners!

> Tekken 5 Movelists - moves in Tekken 5

> Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection Movelists - moves in Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection

Or check out the Urban Dictionary for non-Tekken slang...

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