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I play against a few Devil Jins here in NY

one of 'em had a basic mix-up of 1,1 into hellsweeps rinse w/ iWS+2 and then he'd rinse it w/ just one jab only, at first I was gettin' caught by it but then crushing and/or parrying for the launch does Baek justice. 1+2, 4 punishes f,f+2 I believe, I know I was able to land it in response to f,f+2

one little thing against Nina, whenever she's in position for u/f+1 to hit DO NOT BOTHER TRYING TO GET UP AND KICK, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!! u/f+1 launches on CH similar to Eddy's ss+2 on CH and Nina can do stupid damage... if you play your cards right against Nina, you'll do good... abuse d/f+2 it helps, Baek does stupid damage so I suppose to balance things out, this is why Baek don't got that quick ass launch besides the 11 frame 4 on CH... use Baek's exceptional wake-up too, it's like taunting for all the shit she had in 5.0
f,n,d,D/F+4 is your friend

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