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Originally posted by Stringer
it turns out that Steve has too much shit for Baek to run up and attack, so that's out off gate. u got to sell out to turtling - no that turtling then attackin' shit, you'll mess around and get rocked for mad damage, NOT WORTH IT ESPECIALLY W/ BAEK (OR HWOARANG for that matter). you got to sit there and wait for openings and whiffs, create whiffs and punish, shit like that...

stay away from jabbing too much, Steve has a parry.
Steve punishes d+4,3,3 on block do not do at will ONLY WHEN YOU KNOW IT WILL HIT(think wake up) d+3,3 crushes Steve's highs, ss into whatever else can also help

watch for lows, the rule of the game for Baek to win against Steve, TURTLING

Stringer, I dono about this. Steve wants you to turtle, in fact, his whole game revolves around the assumption that his oponnent (you) will be blocking for the duration of the round. Baek's biggest downside is his lack of a fast, mid hitting launcher, and that is why this matchup is so damn hard. This is soley from my experience, but I truly believe that turtling up against steve is virtually accepting defeat.

Move around A LOT. At the start of the round, sidestep then block. If he keeps his distance, start ss'ing to your right. Four out of five times, steve is going to do ff,f+2 to close the distance. This move can be double ss'd by Baek rather easily, resulting in a juggle, something you wont get many of in this match. Random d/f+2's will not work here, focus on pokes instead of juggles for this matchup. Try to keep him in neutral by using Baek's safe moves like df+4,4 and d+3,3. cd 4,4 is good too, along with 4,4.
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