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Originally posted by Stringer
one little thing
against Marduk(this dude is frightening this time around)...

don't crush his jabs w/ d/b+4 because 1, d+2 will interrupt the sweep
crush w/ d+3,3 against Marduk's jab to ensure Baek is not hit by the following d+2 if the Marduk player decides to throw it out

and try not to whiff against him because d/f+3, d+1 is just too easy to do as a whiff punisher

I hope y'all took this in, on block you can follow w/ parry in case of low jab happy niggas

Interesting find indeed.

Awesome strats to all posters. I'm still trying to find a way to beat a good Hei or DJ. Not sure if there is one.
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