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drag is more punishable than at first glance. d/f+2 and his WS launcher are jab punishable meaning baek gets the 11....mixup madness.

====> of my favorites is the d/b+1+3 as the throw is buffered with the 2nd 1.
====> f,2,1....guaranteed string and is uninteruptable after successful 1,1 use this one if they like ducking after being hit with 1,1
====> d/f+4,4.....also uninteruptable after successful 1,1 with fla options afterwards. use this one if they still wanna attack after being hit with 1,1...(CH, both will connect for nice dmg)
====> d+4,(3,3,3).....also uninterupable but i try to stay away from this as it's punishable inside and out.....but worth the risk if they've been ducking the throws way to much afterwards....they will block the low but you won't get WS launched.

also another thing about drag....his sweeper cancel into throw garbage can be completly stopped with just a uf+4 as soon as you see the animation.....if it's the low the uf+4 crushes....if he cancels into the doesn't grab you outta the air launch city.

also this is just me but i like baiting a punishable WS move with 1,2,3,4....the low seems to hit alot of people but when someone knows to block it, it's safe against being launched. free 1,1

sorry feng owns baek inside and far his worst matchup. shoulder owns everything baek does. beating a good feng who knows baek is tough. you can NEVER use albatross OR baeks rush against feng. all a feng player needs to do is wait to see what you're going to do

cd_ws 4,4: punishable by shoulder
cd_ws 4,4,3: shoulder
d+4,3,3: shoulder
d+4,3,3,3: shoulder
d+4,3,3,d+3......EVEN ON HIT IS SHOULDER! one of the few moves in tekken where on hit is disadvantage.

play safe against feng and remember that d/f 4,4 and the ws_cd+3,4,4 versions are the only ones safe when ended. try using these if they are shoulder punishing happy for a free launch

hell i don't know if i helped anyone im just babbling and it's late....peace
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