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well you already know that you should always backdash once you block d/f+1
NEVER EVER attack after it, fuck around you'll prolly eat a ss+4, b+1, another d/f+1, etc. if you so happen to catch a whiff punish it

if u get hit by d/f+1, ws+4 or ws+1,2,1 while crouching
TECH ROLL if you don't you'll be sorry if it's an experienced Feng

to the wall use 3+4~f,n+4,4, d+2
1+2, 4_d/f+2 or b+4 any other time
u/f+4 is 20 frames and isn't really a whiff punisher

ws+4 into d/b+3, here's where you use u/f+4 to crush d/b+3
or you can parry and get b+4 or u/f+3,4,3 for damage and territory advantage
(Baek is very good w/ walls)

try not to whiff against Feng because b+1+2 is too easy to do