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yea, right? d/f+3 is -11 on block, only jab punishable besides like u said this is where u can get the good damage... adding the 4 when d/f+3 counter spoils everything

to add on to that the following 4 doesn't even stun no more, and on top of that it is bait for reversals, damn punishable, and Wang's b+1. the only good thing you can get out of it is if someone is to the wall and just luckily get the 4 to hit on CH, even so shit ain't all that

only thing that worries me about d/f+3 on block is them Natural Mishimas that can EWGF rather fast even tho' the dashing itself will make it more frames...

OH... and depending on who your fightin' if you delay d/f+3<4 eight framers interrupt the delay, I'm sure certain cats knew that tho'