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Originally posted by Stringer
I'll post more later but Imma start by sayin stay the fuck away from d/f+3,4 against (a smart) Nina, f+3 will punish fire out that shit(know that it is -13 on block even tho it gives benefits on CH) - , in fact f+3 will punish hella shit on block... anything like ws+4,4,3_ws+3,4,4,3_d/f+4,4,3, etc f+3 will punish on block. f+3 is another anti-Baek so be careful of what you do against Nina not only does she have f+3 but as schabit said ss+2 will take care of those particular moves too so d+3,3 will track it down...

once you figure Sergei out, you'll see that Baek is actually really good against him, Baek doesn't have it as bad as Eddy against Dragunov even tho' IMO Eddy's easily one of the best in the whole game

i never really understood why people do d/f+3,4 when just plain d/f+3 is better on hit and on block frame-wise, and doing the 4 will waste the CH d/f+3
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