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King- Sigh. Ok, this one is tough. For starters, he has the throw/launcher mixup of dr. Duck and eat hop kick, or stand and eat giant swing? You do have a third option, and that is staying away. There are many ways to play king with baek, and the most successfull for me is staying at mid range, just out of b+1's reach. At this range, king is surprisingly limited. When he does get in on you, use a lot of d/f+1. Snake kicks works well against king, just dont get caught to many times ending with 3, because you will get countered. Simple yet effective snake kick mixup against king: ending with 3, canceling into fla throw, and canceling into b+4. Watch for his wd into clothesline throw, it's a 1+2 break and it's fast. Sidestepping king is risky, so use fla step only as a spacing tool. If you do back him into a wall, as a former king player, I can assure you what they want more then anything is to land a giant swing and wall spalt you, so be ready to tech.

Jin- He is in my opinnion, a unique character in dr. He has great pokes, awesome launchers, quick lows, decent juggles and wall games, along with adequete okizeme. However, what he lacks is an 8 frame jab. Poke this sucka to death. Poke and run. Poke and run. Poke and run. He has a wr launcher which will own your offensive game, so dont be offensive. Jin has one all purpose tracking move, his f+4. If you think he's going for his 1,2,3 string (which is is abused beyond belief), ss that stuff. His jab isn't 8 frames, so it's a free juggle for you. This match isn't one you should worry too much about, Jin has to work twice as hard as you. You are incredibly more mobile, your launchers far more threatening, and your outfit much cooler (2p that is).

Lee- This match tends to be more tricky then it should. A few rules: don't use b+4, lee can launch you on block. Rarely block low, and i'm talking rare at best. The damage you will recieve from his new low is nowhere near worth guessing wrong and eating a wall combo for 75%. The low you do need to watch out for is his slide. The speed isn't ammazing, and it can be intterupted by baek's faster mids if you can get it at startup. It's one of those moves that trying to react to will get you killed, so the only real way to stop it is to limit the opportunities for when it can be used. Keep in mind that it has no use against an agressive baek who is in his face. Make your d/f+1's random as hell. Make sure they dont whiff and you're golden. Also, lee vs baek commonly breaks down to who can launch the other, and personally I think this is the worst thing you can do. Don't get into a launch war with lee; your lows are slower, launchers slower, and pokes less damaging. When was the last time you saw lee win a match without a juggle?

Steve- As stupid as ever. I'm not a steve pro, but whatever they took away from him didn't seem to hinder his game much at all. The only real solution for dealing with steve for most characters is crushing low. IMO, steve has far too many strings with quick mids for me to randomly throw out baek's sweep. Duck jab has always been my go to poke for getting a second to breathe against steve. I wouldn't suggest too much FLA mixup at point blank, as steve is quite the counter hitter. Your best bet is to ground him and make him guess between chop and snake kicks. Dont punch parry, more often then not you are going to get socked in the head. Until steve is grounded, you might as well be playing 5.1 Baek, just keep that in mind.

Remember his spin movements, be ready to break w/ 1+2. and keep in mind that whenever you see him do u/f+3+4, duck and as soon as he hits the ground your guarantted damage is there w/ d+4,3,3..._d+3,3,n+3_ws+3~f~d+2 or whatever... if u/f+3 is being whored, use your sidewalk - it's important w/ Baek - you can mess around and get behind people and cause incredible damage in the back -Stringer

Law- I play law in the same style I play lee, safely. The damage law can dish out off of the smallest opening is quite high. After about 10 mins of getting my ass beat, I realized that there is no reason to duck against law. He has d/b3 and his d/b4 sweep. Big deal. Eat a few d/b3's, who cares? The sweep is what complicates things. It's not too hard to react to and a low parry is required if you want to punish with a launch, which is what you want to do. Don't get into a launch war with him, as with lee their launchers are far less risky, and they will throw random shit and not have to worry against baek's slow crap. Law is fairly easy to sidestep; only a handful of his useful moves track. The trouble comes with his 1+2 break throw. He get's a combo, so it's like getting hit with a launcher, so break dat shit. His range game isn't too usefull against baek since baek is poke and run. All forms of his dragon kick (ff+3, d+1+2,3) can be punished on block with 1+2,4. Very usefull to not have to worry about this move.

Nina- From 5.0 to DR, shes taken a serious nerfbat to the face. Jesus Jump (u/f+1) is a new move entirely. It wont combo, and it's around 50% weaker. Also, her juggles do considerably less damage. Baek can take a few more risks in this match up; as long as you don't dilly dally in FLA, mixup your safe moves (duck jab, b+3, d/f+1, d/f+4,4) and you should be all right. Also, don't forget about FLA throw, it will get teched, but it's worth it every now and again. Don't get too anxious to interupt her d/f+1 block strings, depending on how good the nina player is, they'll read you like a book. If you're seeing something that looks like a hole in the chain, chances are your ass is about to get baited. Unless you know what you can duck jab, and what you can snake kick, be patient.

Heihachi- i play heihahci, but not baek, keep in mind ewgf is a high, so you can get your low sweep if they abuse it, but if you block it he gets +5 on frames. Wave dashing with heihachi if not cancelled can be punished by any characters u/f+4 launcher. and heihahci is easily ss, his two tracking moves are tgf and fc, d/f+4 and that only tracks to his right. just be sure to cancell you ss or you'll be eating a tgf or otgf. -Blindrage

When you see hei wavedash, do not overreact. d+1 beats everything he can do out of wavedash, so at least know that you can stop it 100% of the time if you want to. Abusing snake kicks will result in you eating 1,1,2 a lot, so use it in moderation. WR 4,4 is a pretty decently effective and safe poke . Realistically, you can follow it up with 3, fla, or nothing.

Dragunov- Drag plays somewhat linear, with a few moves that track well enough to stop fla abuse. He does not have a solid way to counter your snake kick mixup (like feng shoulder), but he can lock you down surprisingly well. d+1 is really his worst enemy, as his only way around it close range is his hopkick which does not launch. IF YOU EVER SEE HIM GETTING READY TO SWEEP, ALWAYS U/F+4. If he continues with the sweep, or cancels it into throw, u/f+4 hits. Do not use punch parry. The last thing you want to do is give Drag a counter hit, as most will lead to 50% damage. d/f+4,4 works well here too.

My goal with this thread is to comprise concise and efficient ways for Baek to deal with each of the characters in DR.

I'll attempt to update this first post with as much info as I can based on posts in this forum. On updating, the last thing I would want to do is take credit from players for their own material. If you have a solid piece of info (ex: SS kills bruce), i'll give you credit on the first post. Hopefully this thread picks up, considering right now it's at 36 views, 0 responses . Thanks.


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