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Originally posted by satrugha
i run Tekken: Ohnoz! Remix at http://i.domaindlx.com/boxnonaka/Tekken/tekken.html. mostly tekken nonsense, theories about the storyline, and my attempt to recruit as many possible tekken cosplayers for Katsucon 12 in 2006. it's a general site and new, so there's not much there yet.

and for a few others on my link list (i don't think these've been mentioned yet):
art of the phoenix (xiao) http://www.wingedangels.net/xiaoyu/ (english)
fortune cookie (xiao) http://www.bushido-blade.net/fortune/ (english)
bad habit (paul) http://www.geocities.com/hitomi038/snowdream.html (english)
steve rox! http://www.moko-moko.net/steve/ (english) i think this one's been mentioned, but oh well, i'll mention it again.

and Hwoarang's Babe and Kazzy, your sites rock my sox!

and now i need to update my own link list. yes!

alright! it's been a while since we've had a big juicy update. Thanks alot satrugha, good quality sites!

however i cant access http://www.bushido-blade.net/fortune/ , is that site down or ... ?

again thanks for the sites.