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Originally posted by King_the_III
See? Now THIS is helpful. Great job Mod. More power to ya.

3 was here

Originally posted by Switch Blade
Thanks I even didn't know that there is german tekken site on the internet

No problem guys glad to serve the community

Originally posted by Wild Man X
How about adding the Tekkenomics website

Nice faqs and manuals! keep up the good work Wild Man X.

Originally posted by BigChief
av kazama: The link to Yoshimitsu's Tekken Shrine doesn't seem to work. If you're referring to Tenshimitsu's Yoshi site, the new link is www.manjikai.com
If it's not what you're referring to, add it anyway, it's a good fan-site.

Oh, thanks for the heads up. Yeah the yoshimitsu site i was referring to is that link, seems like the domain has changed. Very cool and futuristic looking fansite (fits Yoshimitsu's personality perfectly)!