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a'ight this the new Baek strat thread
post all Baek strats in this piece

I suppose one of u mods could merge that other thread w/ this title?


changes in T5: DR for Baek (I'm not gonna give a critique on any of the new shit like how I ain't played DR as of 12/21)

-1+2, 4: 1+2 no longer knocks down but gives a crouch stun. the following 4 is still guaranteed and knocks opponent down (head toward, face down)

-d_d/b+2: one of Baek's new moves, knocks down on regular hit and guarantees d+4,3,3 and d+3,3,n+3 on hit. it also hits grounded and can be done out of FLA

-d/b+3,3: not really a new move but another 3 has been added on, can now be done from FLA.

-snake kicks from the back no longer floats

-f+2<1<2: f+2 itself is not new but the string itself is brand new. word is that from this string is Baek's new back-turned combo.

-f,f+3 and FLA b+3 now have guard stuns

-d/f+4,4 has better reach than last time

-d+4,3,3 has been said to track a lot better

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