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Its cool Marduck, i can see what you mean now, thanks for clarifying.

Shotokan, lol @ semantics. Well, its just a matter of personal preference i guess. I'll just be avoiding that move, and yes i'll be very careful with my linear moves vs other baeks. Tough cheese.

Back from trying DR, nothing new that's not already well documented. Probably the msot important piece of information i have is that the cat costs 300k, so weird people like me can start saving up. I don't know if this is already mentioned, but 1+2,4 gives a fdht knockdown. d/b4 is guaranteed. I believe d+2 is, too. Triple ss feels like the 5.1 version. Juggles all largely the same, i landed df2, 4, triple halberb, 1+2,4.

DR on the whole feels a little different. Its hard to describe, but i definitely had to do some adjusting to enter the groove of the game. Dash jabs are different, but not harder. One problem we're seeing is that moves tend to whiff for no reason. Baek's d/b+3,3 is pretty unreliable. Its a move to avoid, i believe.

Oh and armour king is fun as heck. He doesn't look like he'll be top tier, but so far he's pretty enjoyable to play. Lili is potentially high tier, though now's too premature to make the call.
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