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Originally posted by noobkken
Can i clarify that in some circumstances a possible infinite, and in others a 100% combo? Regardless, whorage ensues, regardless. My playing experience has been on 5.1 these past months with toned down triple ss. And believe me linear move vs baek = backturned. I've gone behind 1,2 jabs quite abit, even. I would think its not as bad as steve's 5.0 nonsense, but you can't deny the impact baek's bt combo will have on the game.

You're going to find players whoring ss, waiting for that one move to turn the match around. This'll probably encourage excessive turtling, affecting the game. How broken it is, time will tell. Anyway so far it does seem like lili has some issues. Balance just might be out of reach yet.

Oh well, off to try out DR.

If you dislike whorage maybe you should learn how to avoid situations where they might occur or not use it yourself. It's not whorage if you can only use it once per round hahaha that's legitimising.
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