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Originally posted by BOTTON SMASHER
thanks man you hooked it up big time. have these been tested on 5.1.

actually no one confirm this hope some 1 test and inform us

Originally posted by Turbo Baek
lol you should make one of baek vs baek! Nah I'm jk... I'm pretty sure everyone knows which of baeks moves suck and can be punished. Besides, it'd take you way too long to do that all cuz every single move would be in there! lol

Great work tho, this is amazing stuff!

thanx, you know your right i should write about baek
promis on the next update i will

by the way on this update
Updates - 22/9/05
King Added.
Devil Jin Added.
Nina Williams Removed.
Bryan Fury Removed.

not to worry about Nina, Bryan my faq almost complete, so soon you will find it at faqs section.

in the mean time help me to fix my grammar errors, falls info plz