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Originally posted by Sol.Eternal Pan
excellent work here, quite impressed. but may i ask if u have tested anything with paul yet? if so can u post up soon.
keep up the great work.

thanx,hope you can kick paul a$$

actually i was so busy so it took me long to update
Updates - 21/9/05
Marshall Law Added.
Paul Phoenix Added.
Kazuya Mishima Added.
Wang Jinrei Added.
Hwoarang Added.
fixed some stuff.

there is alot of work needed guy's, some help would do the trick.
Hwoarang is pain on the a$$ i need some 1 to help me, about paul there
somthing weird about his f,f+2,1 FC+d/f+2,1 QCB,N,3,2,1
the intruption point is not always guaranteed!!!! "need to test this"

discover new intruption points, new punshers, mail me to add it
or add it your self.