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Originally posted by Devil Jin Girl
Your Devil Jin is Tekken Lord? How long did that take to achieve? Kudos to ya! I don't use Hwoarang much anymore, so he's still at 3rd dan. My Kazuya is at 4th kyu I believe. My Devil Jin is at Expert and my Jin Kazama is at Master. I'm so proud of myself, lol.

Sliced: My Jin is at Master, and the rank is yellow. So, does that mean no matter how many times I lose, Jin won't get demoted from Master? Thanks!

I'm speaking about PS2 version, hope you understand me

I had Devil Jin Tekken Lord on the second day since I bought the game. Today I made Tekken Lord my Bob. And my Jin is Warlord, Kaz is Sage... Still got to work.
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