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Kazuya's tech catches are pretty poor unless I'm missing something.

dash df+1-4: tech catches both ways, even stricter timing than most guaranteed catches and if the opponent is off axis you have to adjust your own timing or the punch will whiff. Generally best after ending a juggle with a fast recovery move (jabs or f+3-1). Tech right gets b+2-4-1 followup, tech left gets jabs into whatever.

cd~ws+(1)-2: easier on tech left, not easy at all on tech right, same limitations as the above. The second punch hits people who roll on the ground now

f,f,f+3: for tech left after long recovery juggle finishers (cd+4-1)

uf+4~3(second hit only): for tech right after long recovery juggle finishers.

That's about all I'm using...catching with a few other moves is possible (even whack f,f+2) but seems to require using some crappy blatant setup that will work once only against a real opponent. Also, TGF,3(flip) isn't nearly as good as T4 (sic!) as the opponent recovers more quickly; (ch)b+4_(ch)df+3_f,f+2 aren't nearly as rewarding as they first looked.

What am I overlooking?
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