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Originally posted by XCTU
I never said that this thread was gonna be used JUST for the discussion of whats on the first post otherwise i wouldn't have closed the other one, but there's no point in having 2 combo threads.

actually there is a point to having 2 combo threads: this one should be listing the guaranteed damages off every one of her starters, on most/all characters from straight on (hence combo "list" and not "thread", so that people coming to the forum have an immediate reference point. Thread should be kept very to the point (ie post new juggles or nothing- all these posts should be deleted if this happens) and first post should be updated with the new combos.

The other combo thread should be exactly what it was. It may be unwieldy, but it allows posting the more unconventional juggles involving character size, axis or different wall positions. If you look at the Bryan forum you'll see that this is pretty much they have done it.

If you only have one combo thread, it'll basically become as large and uncontrollable as the last one, and you might has well have just left it as it was.

That's what capercat was basically saying, albeit a bit more succinctly and sarcastically. You can make a "hilarious" joke thread about me now

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