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To whom it may confuse (aka Troubleshooting):

- I have followed XCTU's format in the other combo thread with the ~'s.
Under a combo starter (underlined) there may be a part 2 of the combo then a part 3 with a ~ in front of it then a part 4 with a ~~ in front of it. If there are two part 4s for example with ~~ in front of them, that means that one is exchangable for the other.

- The commands in brackets must be imputted to pull off the combo but the damges posted are the damages with the move in the bracket not connecting.

- The first number after "dmg:" is total of the combo on normal hit, the second number in the brackets is the dmg on counter hit.

- The damges of all moves that end in the Purple Cloud Kicks I have posted are the damages without the first hit of Purple Cloud Kicks connecting but depending on timing and positioning, you can get both hits to land or maybe the first will hit and the second will whiff.

- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any of the breakable stun combos are guaranteed but then again I haven't tested this. The breakable stun can be broken (hence the name) by quickly tapping f,f.

- I have posted combos after combo starters with most damaging ones at the top. Other, less damaging combos I have added are for variety, flash or ease to pull off (plus may be more practical if opponent is off axis).

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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