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Has anybody figured out how to do this yet? I'm reading that it might not be about speed alone, but that you have to hit the EWGF on a certain frame during the opponent's crumple animation. So for all I know, I could be doing the EWGF too fast when I really need to be waiting a frame or two. (If I do need to hit the opponent on the earliest possible frame, then disregard my post.)

From the TTT tag frame data, it says EWGF hits on the 11th frame. Since EWGF can't be buffered apperently, f, n, then df+2 (3 inputs) would take up at least an additional 3 frames right? How much of a window do I have during the CH df+2 stun before the opponent becomes unlaunchable? Or do I need to wait that frame or two? (ie. can't do it too early, but can't do it too late either?)

I don't care if I mess this up in a real match. I want to be able to at least go for it and reap that big reward when I do pull it off. If anybody can break this down so I know I'm practicing correctly, that would be great.

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