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Originally posted by kcxj

What version of the EWGF are you guys doing to get the launch after the counter hit df+2? Are you guys doing it out of the crouch dash or out of the Mist Step or does it not matter?

I'm getting d+2 a lot whenever I go for the EWGF after the df+2. Does the game not accept my any of my directional inputs while I'm still in the animation for the df+2? If so, this definately isn't a one frame link then (since f, n, d~df is impossible to do in one frame). Anybody have an idea how much of window I have to not mess up the launch? I've still yet to get the combo to work even once.

as soon as its possible you have to do the fastest ewgf
i think you have 12 frames 1 frame after the d/f2 animation you have to do a 11 frame ewgf so timing is everything

but i am not sure if this is right or not

ps: you can not buffer an ewgf (test it this way: command capture on -> do a fast ewgf (so that you dont have to input this always) and now do d/f+2 and press select+x you will see if you press it to early it will be another d/f+2)