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yea grim
kinda like cc juggles tho too
what id like to mention tho is inthe rdc anim on t3
icek pointed it out to me in e2
duringthe anim there is a green flash
so a jf escape during the rdc perhaps?
why would they leave a window open to give an inputin that animation
kinda weird
anyone found the supposed escape
also craig in t4
i swearthere is a jf in there y'know
as his one rear throw to the other rearthrow difference is a mere b2+4 for an extra 5 points
well i really believe there is a rear mount jf in the standard 2+4 from the rearwith craig
as the ending anim is near id to a rear mount
anyone found out if this is fact?
as this is me and my plausibles bit
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