Ghost Sharing FAQ

PSP Game Region Variables Ghost files are region free, however the variables and files you need are different depending on the region of your game. Replace the variables in the instructions below with the proper values!

Japan Release
Friends Ghosts folder: ULJS00048GHOSTF
Your Ghosts folder: ULJS00048GHOSTM
Install files: JPN Ghost Sharing Package

USA Release
Friends Ghosts folder: ULUS10139GHOSTF
Your Ghosts folder: ULUS10139GHOSTM
Install files: US Ghost Sharing Package

Europe Release
Friends Ghosts folder: UCES00356GHOSTF
Your Ghosts folder: UCES00356GHOSTM
Install files: EUR Ghost Sharing Package
Preparing Your PSP For Ghost Sharing Now let's move on to getting your PSP ready for ghost sharing. First and foremost, in order for any of this to work, make sure you turn on the 'Ghost Update' option while you're playing the game.

1. Connect your PSP to your computer via a USB cable and go to the PSP folder.
2. Locate your Tekken DR saved data and create a 'Friends Ghosts' folder named accordingly (see above).
3. Download the appropriate ghost sharing package for your game region.
4. Extract the content of the zip file into the newly created 'Friends Ghosts' folder.
Installing Ghosts On Your PSP Now that you have your PSP set up to share ghosts you can start downloading ghost files and install them on your PSP to play against in Arcade Mode or Dojo mode. Let's take a look at how to install a ghost.

1. Download a ghost file from the PSP Ghost Library and copy or save it to the 'Friends Ghosts' folder.
2. Rename the ghost file into a 'PERSONXX.GHO' format, replacing 'XX' with a two digit number.
3. It doesn't matter what number you assign to the ghost as long as it is not a duplicate.
4. Safely close your USB connection, and start up the game.
5. Go to your 'Profile' menu, scroll down and select the 'Ghost List' option.
6. You should now be able to select the 'Friends Ghosts' option and view the downloaded ghosts.
Playing Against Ghosts You can randomly play against downloaded ghosts in Arcade Mode or Dojo Mode but there is a better way. As you get about through Dojo Mode you will unlock 'Stage 0', this is a dojo that appears on the far left. Once unlocked you can play exclusively against ghosts in Arcade Mode style, picking your next opponent from three ghosts after each match.
Uploading Your Ghosts In order to upload your own ghosts to our PSP Ghost Library or to install it as a ghost you can play against you will first need to put them on your computer.

1. Connect your PSP to your computer via a USB cable and go to the PSP folder.
2. Locate your Tekken DR saved data and navigate to the 'Your Ghosts' folder (see above).
3. Simply drag and drop your 'PLAYERXX.GHO' files onto your computer.
4. Now you can upload your ghost files or install it in the 'Friends Ghosts' folder as described above.