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Nov 21

Tekken 7's Second Location Test Starts Today

Posted by lizanias at 18:30 PST // 3710 Views // 30 Comments
At four different arcades and will go on for this weekend(22nd-23rd November 2014). While it looks like the build they're using at this location test is the same one as the one used last month, we'll still cover it and try to find any valuable information. In the mean time leave your comments below.
Nov 11

TEKKEN 7 - Arcade Trailer + 2nd Location Test

Posted by Baraka at 20:29 PST // 6946 Views // 60 Comments
Fresh off the twitters, Bandai Namco has uploaded a new introduction trailer for the arcade release of Tekken 7 but if you've already been closely following the news there's not much new in it. It does provide a good direct feed look at the game which may or may not have further graphical improvements down the line. Additionally, the official Tekken website updated with details on the next round of location testing in Japan from the 22nd of November to the 23rd of November this year. No word on a stream for those location tests but it's likely we'll see a newer build of the game through cell phone vids from the players at the arcades. I've added the details below.
Nov 01

MASTERCUP 7 | Huge 5on5 TTT2 Tournament on Nov 2

Posted by Baraka at 23:35 PST // 3461 Views // 17 Comments
UPDATE: The event is now over and top 8 results have now been added!

MASTERCUP is Japan's largest annual TEKKEN tournament and for this year, there's a huuuuuuuuge amount of entrants. 176 teams of 5 (Totaling 880 players!) will be battling it out in a 5on5 elimination tournament in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this Sunday in Japan. The tournament gathers some of the best players that Japan has to offer as well as invites renowned Korean players to battle it out and see who comes out on top. Additionally, the Tekken development team is supporting this tournament with Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray attending so there's also the possibility on seeing some form of new Tekken 7 related news or announcement. MASTERCUP.7 this year will be streamed on Twitch.tv featuring MarkMan doing commentary for us baka gaijins and Hameko/Genya doing commentary for the Japanese stream.
Oct 20

TEKKEN 7 - New Customization Images

Posted by Baraka at 06:42 PST // 7559 Views // 26 Comments
From the recent Bandai Namco Autumn Business meetings come new Tekken 7 images courtesy of Japanese online game sites Gamer & Game Watch!
Oct 20

Tekken 7 Arcade Set For February 2015 Release

Posted by Baraka at 22:49 PST // 6249 Views // 53 Comments
If you remembered earlier, there was to be several business meetings this week inside Bandai Namco regarding upcoming arcade games set for release. I've just received early reports from the event that the arcade release of Tekken 7 is set for release on February 2015 next year. This is presumably info pertaining to the Japanese release of the game but if there's confirmation of Tekken 7 in other regions, it should be coming in the near future. Sources below.
Oct 14

The Showdown of South America is Here

Posted by Lord TKD at 11:24 PST // 2786 Views // 7 Comments
TXT (Tekken Xtreme Tournament) is back, the second edition of the biggest event in South America will be held in La Paz, Bolivia - November 8th – 9th.

The top players of Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Perú and Venezuela will be face to face once again. Abel del maestro (Perú), the current champion, who has won local tournaments in some of the previous countries, is going to be there and… two international guests, last year Rene ‘Kor’ Maistry (USA) attended; now two Korean players are confirmed: Saint and Help Me.

Streaming is TBA , so don’t miss any further news.
Oct 13

10HitNews #3: Harmonic Trio

Posted by lizanias at 07:07 PST // 2794 Views // 3 Comments
Final results from 3 majors held last weekend such as the Fall Classic, little girls dressed up as Tekken characters, and more. Check out 10 Hit News. Where I highlight some Tekken matches, combo videos, and other Tekken goodness.
Oct 10
The third edition of Holland's Premier fighting game tournament series: Red Fight District III takes places this weekend in Amsterdam! This event organized by the Dutch fighting game community features Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, King Of Fighters XIII, Under Night In-birth Exe Late, Shattered and Lethal League. International guests this year include Justin Wong and Luffy.

The Tekken Tag 2 tournament will be played on the first day and features top players such as Malekith (NL), Tissuemon (JP), Kyoko-Manjii (NL), SoC_R.E.D (FR), CKT | Fergus (IE) and Sephiblack (DE). Tekken will be streamed on the Hadoken.eu Twitch channel, starting from the brackets. which can also be followed through Challonge. For more information, check the website of Red Fight District.
Oct 08

Translated Harada Chat Sessions at Loc Test

Posted by lizanias at 23:00 PST // 7367 Views // 46 Comments
In day 3 of Tekken 7 location test at Namco Sugamo(Tokyo), Katsuhiro Harada sat down with Bancho & Nobi then talked heaps of things. He talked about the feedbacks he got from people testing Tekken 7, plans the dev. staff has for the game, he even looked back on the tweaks they made in previous Tekken games. Click 'Contine Reading' to check the snippet & link to the full article.
Oct 01

TEKKEN 7 - Oct 4/5 Location Test Niconico Stream

Posted by Baraka at 20:23 PST // 34172 Views // 317 Comments
The upcoming debut of the new Tekken game is this weekend! Bandai Namco's marketing employee HinoP tweeted out the niconico stream URL for the location tests that is being held in Namco Sugamo and Namco Nipponbashi arcades in Japan on 4th and 5th of October. Nobi will be commentating the stream at Namco Sugamo while Yuu is going to Osaka's Nipponbashi arcade to perform stream commentary. You'll need to create a niconico account to watch the stream but it is easy to quickly create one. If you can't catch the streams live, I will be recording them and uploading them to YouTube at a later date. You can watch the upcoming Tekken 7 location test at the following URLs:

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