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Sep 01
The team behind the Tekken series is currently building a new game for PS4/Project Morpheus. They call it Summer Lesson. Which was unveiled during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia's, pre-TGS press conference. Check out the screenshots & a short video after the jump.
Aug 28

Shadowloo Showdown V | AUS Tournament on Aug 29!

Posted by Baraka at 06:21 PST // 685 Views // 2 Comments
Update: Full Results have now been added.

The fifth iteration of Australian's Premier fighting game tournament series: Shadowloo Showdown is on this weekend! The tournament gathers the largest amount of local Australian players and frequently pits them up against international competition. For this year, the international guest participating in the TTT2 tournament is none other then the famed Korean player Help Me. The event will be streamed through the ShadowlooHQ twitch channels so be sure to tune in if you yourself can't make it out to the event this year.
Aug 26

Pokken Tournament Announced

Posted by Jordyce at 06:28 PST // 2117 Views // 39 Comments
In a left-field announcement, Pokken Tournament, using Pokemon characters in a Tekken-style fighting engine was announced for arcades in Japan today with Tekken chief Katsuhiro Harada and Namco Bandai co-producting with the Pokemon Company.
Aug 23

TEKKEN SLUGFEST - Peruvian 5 VS 5 Event

Posted by Baraka at 22:40 PST // 1036 Views // 2 Comments
TEKKEN SLUGFEST is a Tekken event in which the Peruvian Tekken community is setting up for on the 14th of September this year. It features the best Tekken talent that region has to offer (most notably the current Peruvian, South American champion 'Abel Del Maestro') going head to head in a 5-on-5 'East VS South' Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Battle. The event is currently planned on being streamed on the Atomixgames' Twitch channel and archives will later be put up on the Peruvian Wolves YouTube channel so everybody should look forward to the event happening in the near future!
Jul 25
Katsuhiro Harada's Fighting Game Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has recently concluded and with that comes the full version of the initial reveal trailer of Tekken 7 from EVO 2014. Harada also divulged several new pieces of information regarding his projects at the panel which you can see from the Team Sp00ky twitch archives or through the summary made by AAK. Be sure to check it all out!
Jul 25
Is your body ready? Strongstyle is gonna be EPIC! Norcal's Premier Tekken Tournament just released a second trailer with top players, awesome stipulations, and a bonus feature that has probably never been done in any Fighting Game event EVER! Go watch it after the jump, and punch your tickets NAO!
Jul 13

Tekken 7 Officially Announced - Trailer Inside

Posted by Baraka at 19:40 PST // 46605 Views // 516 Comments
Straight from EVO 2014, Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada announces the next numbered installment of the series - Tekken 7. The announcement comes with a small teaser video featuring what is presumably Kazumi Mishima who I believe is Kazuya's mother. Additionally, an earlier leak on AOL.com showed a video with Harada saying that the engine of Tekken 7 will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 which will allow the team to develop the game for several different platforms. Minor speculation on my part but since Tekken 7 will now be using UE4, it's not farfetched to see a PC release of the title in the future. You can watch the announcement video below. More details on Tekken 7 will be coming on July 25th at the San Diego Comic-Con event.
Jul 13

Leaked Tekken 7 Announcement

Posted by lizanias at 12:05 PST // 9396 Views // 37 Comments
According to the video from AOL, Tekken 7 will be using Unreal Engine 4 and will allow Katsuhiro Harada along with the Tekken Project Team port the game more easily to consoles the team desires. Nothing more has been revealed just yet.
Jul 11

Evo 2014, Live from Las Vegas

Posted by lizanias at 07:52 PST // 8142 Views // 7 Comments
Catch the biggest fighting game event in the world, EVO 2014! Through the live stream we've provided and you can also find the pools after the jump. Update: the main tournament is over but there will be more Tekken at Tekken's & Madcatz's Twitch channels.
Jul 04

Morning B&B - TTT2 - Baek Doo San

Posted by Rip at 09:35 PST // 7616 Views // 9 Comments
Continuing our character tutorials for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time we take on the taekwondo master himself, Baek Doo San.

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