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Jan 26
Streaming Live from the e-sports Nexon Arena is 'Tekken Crash Returns' which will be Tekken 7's first official tournament event held in South Korea. The tournament format is 3on3 and features renowned Tekken players from Korea like Knee, JDCR, Saint, Chanel, Help me and more. There's also going to be some special guests on the show one of which includes Harada himself. The event will be broadcasted on several channels in S. Korea (including one TV channel) but for the rest of the world, there is going to be a YouTube stream for all of us to enjoy. This is definitely not a stream to miss out on if you're looking out for the latest gameplay on Tekken 7 as well as gameplay from high level Korean players.
Jan 25
Mark your calenders folks, TEKKEN 7 is expected to arrive in Japanese arcades on the 18th of February which is less then a month away. Several arcades/game centers across the country are expecting to receive the cabs and will make it available to play shortly on the day. The Super Nova arcade in Fukushima, Japan recently tweeted that it's going to be an arcades that will receive the game fast and make it available to play. So if you're in the area you can enjoy the 'pre-launch' version of TEKKEN 7. (and hopefully stream it too.)
Jan 24

Pokken's Mechanics & More Characters Revealed

Posted by lizanias at 02:28 PST // 2537 Views // 11 Comments
Last night(Japan Time) Bandai Namco revealed Pokken Tournament's game mechanics in more detail. As well as new characters, controller, and its arcade cabinet. Find out more after the jump.
Jan 20
From the recent EVO announcement twitch stream, Markman joined onto the show to announce that Bandai Namco is working on getting TEKKEN 7 arcade cabinets at EVO 2015 and the cabs will feature pad ports so players can use their own choice of controller for the tournament. Full compatibility with every kind of device however is not guaranteed so be aware of that should you decide to bring an obscure kind of controller. Tekken 7 joins the lineup alongside Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd, Persona 4 Arena, Super Smash WiiU and Melee, Mortal Kombat X & Killer Instinct.
Jan 05

Image of Tekken 7's New Rendering Camera System

Posted by Baraka at 07:57 PST // 11637 Views // 101 Comments
Just unveiled by Harada on twitter is the introduction of a new camera system into Tekken 7 that is currently undergoing internal testing. This new camera system will allow the possibility of both players playing on either 1P or 2P side at the same time through a new rendering technique in which the opponent's camera screen is mirrored on the other side of the stage. That's not all that is shown in the image however as we can also observe some new interesting details. First off is the new high CG render of Kazuya, Alisa and Heihachi being used as the character portraits next to the life bars. These will probably replace the old ones and be used on the character select screen. And the other detail is the new stage which you can see on the bottom left of the image below.
Dec 31
Harada tweeted out the new high CGI render for the latest character to be added into the Tekken 7 roster. Shaheen is a new character from Saudi Arabia that was designed with the help of community feedback on social media a few months back. You can probably look forward to how he'll play in the upcoming Tekken 7 game slated to launch in arcades this year.
Dec 09

TEKKEN 7 - Latest Trailers from 20th Anniversary

Posted by Baraka at 19:08 PST // 17042 Views // 74 Comments
It took a while but Bandai Namco have just uploaded the official 1080p/60fps versions of the latest trailers to come out of the 20th Anniversary event that went down this past weekend in Japan. The trailers introduce newcomer: Lucky Chloe to the series while the 2nd trailer shows off new stages, costumes and overall improvements to Tekken 7. You can watch the footage in full HD below.
Dec 01

TEKKEN's 20th Anniversary Event Announced

Posted by Baraka at 23:18 PST // 20908 Views // 121 Comments
The TEKKEN franchise is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary this month and Bandai Namco has announced that they're holding a 'Thanksgiving' event for all fans of the series to celebrate. The niconico broadcast of this event will feature the latest Tekken game: TEKKEN 7 with a 'Exhibition Tournament' featuring some 'world champions' of the series. Of course, the latest news on TEKKEN 7 will be revealed in the event as well as have special guests Katsuhiro Harada and Yuriko Tiger in the broadcast. There are to be more special guests in the event but they haven't yet been announced. The niconico stream of this event will occur on the 7th of December, 2014 and run from 12:30 PM until 6:00 PM Japan time.
Nov 21

Tekken 7's Second Location Test Starts Today

Posted by lizanias at 18:30 PST // 17587 Views // 40 Comments
At four different arcades and will go on for this weekend(22nd-23rd November 2014). While it looks like the build they're using at this location test is the same one as the one used last month, we'll still cover it and try to find any valuable information. In the mean time leave your comments below.
Nov 11

TEKKEN 7 - Arcade Trailer + 2nd Location Test

Posted by Baraka at 20:29 PST // 17181 Views // 60 Comments
Fresh off the twitters, Bandai Namco has uploaded a new introduction trailer for the arcade release of Tekken 7 but if you've already been closely following the news there's not much new in it. It does provide a good direct feed look at the game which may or may not have further graphical improvements down the line. Additionally, the official Tekken website updated with details on the next round of location testing in Japan from the 22nd of November to the 23rd of November this year. No word on a stream for those location tests but it's likely we'll see a newer build of the game through cell phone vids from the players at the arcades. I've added the details below.

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