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Apr 30

Tekken 7 and TTT2 at Northwest Majors 8

Posted by Di_ at 12:23 PST // 78 Views // 1 Comments
Northwest Majors 8 has already started! If you are up to some American Tekken 7 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 action, make sure to tune in and follow the stream schedule below.
Apr 30

First 4 Figures King Pre-Orders & Coupons

Posted by Castel at 08:09 PST // 186 Views // 1 Comments
First 4 Figures is proud to present King from Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 DR! Pre-orders are now live! The edition size will be TBC after 2 weeks at which point it will go immediately to wait list. Coupons inside!
Apr 02
Just unveiled on the official Tekken website! That April Fools image of Heihachi on the CASH.COM prank website turned out to be real. Crazy. Heihachi will be rocking this outfit as his new default outfit in the expansion to Tekken 7 called Fated Retribution. Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is coming out to arcades during the summer of Japan and will be playable at EVO 2016 later this year.
Mar 19
Currently live Tekken 7 FR stream from the Tekken city of USA, Final Round 19. Tekken 7 tournament was streamed as well as T7 FR casuals on day 1. On day 2 we can watch T7FR casuals then at 4 PM, TTT2 tournament pools.
Mar 17

Tekken Survey Asks For Favourite Characters

Posted by hazgibbon at 15:30 PST // 5353 Views // 48 Comments
There's a survey on the Tekken facebook page. About halfway through It asks which characters you like and dislike, all of the new Tekken 7 characters are there but there are a few extra characters who haven't been confirmed as being in Tekken 7 yet there too.

I reckon its either asking what characters we want included later down the line or they are trying to judge how popular the intended roster for Tekken 7 is.
Mar 05

Tekken Collision Final Results; Lima, Peru

Posted by lizanias at 21:22 PST // 2569 Views // 11 Comments
This year's biggest Tekken tournament in Peru Tekken Collision; invited very strong international competition to their homeland; Saint, Anakin, Inkognito, Kodee. Find the stream archives & results after the jump.
Feb 15

MarkMan No Longer Works at Mad Catz

Posted by lizanias at 21:08 PST // 2518 Views // 9 Comments
You may have seen recent news on Mad Catz laying off nearly 40% of their employees, as part of the peripheral manufacturer's business restructuring plan. One of the unfortunate workers was the man who has been a great Tekken community supporter since the series started. However MarkMan will continue supporting the FGC; bringing Tekken 7 FR to majors for instance.
Feb 12

T7FR Location Test Broadcast From Namco Sugamo

Posted by lizanias at 18:51 PST // 2571 Views // 2 Comments
Day 2 of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution location test in Japan. And this afternoon(local Japan time) there will be a live stream showcasing the latest entry of our favourite video game franchise. The stream can be watched through Tekken's official Twitch channel as well through Nico Nico Douga.
Feb 12

First Tekken 7:FR Akuma And Nina Gameplay

Posted by Di_ at 23:29 PST // 3615 Views // 14 Comments
It's been two months since the very first Tekken 7: Fated Retribution trailer ever since Akuma announcement both Tekken and Street Fighter communities were analyzing footage of one of the SF icon. While a few gameplay trailers have been already shown, this is the first time we're seeing a real match. And the opponent is none other than the highly demanded Nina Williams, returning to the game after her Tekken 7 arcade absence.

UPDATE: More videos including more characters are available.
Feb 10
Tekken 7 Fated Retribution introduces a new gameplay mechanic called Rage Attack. This mechanic can be seen as the Tekken side of character's version of EX attacks that give new offensive options for each character. To help get acquinted with this mechanic, Bandai Namco have just uploaded an introduction trailer to this mechanic that goes over the cast's new moves. Check it out below!

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