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Jun 09

Electric Clash Final Results & Archives

Posted by lizanias at 23:34 PST // 1274 Views // 2 Comments
Best of best from the Americas region participated in Electric Clash; a Tekken World Tour Challenger event held in Concord, Ontario, Canada. Players such as Anakin, Joey Fury, Abel. Players from outside of the region were also enthusiastic to compete for TWT points.

Results & the stream archives are all available after the jump.
May 25

Combo Breaker 2019 Final Results & Archive

Posted by lizanias at 05:53 PST // 1302 Views // 1 Comments
With over twenty games competition open to enter, character auction tournaments, and top competitors from many countries in attendance; Combo Breaker is definitely a great event to look forward to this weekend. As the first Master Event of Tekken World Tour in the America region, CB2019 has attracted veterans, masters, newcomers from North America as well as those from overseas. Players such as Anakin, Runitblack, Speedkicks will have to compete for points with the likes of Rangchu, Knee, JDCR, and more.

As usual all the relevant links are available after the jump.
May 17
The FGC in Australia are welcoming local & foreign players to their TWT Master event, Battle Arena Melbourne. Over 250 players from Australia, New Zealand and various Asian countries will be competing at the first Master event in Asia; players such Chikurin, Nobi, JDCR, Dimeback, Dee-on Grey, and many more.

We've provided the links to the live Stream & brackets below.
May 10

ROXnROLL Final Results & Archives

Posted by lizanias at 21:42 PST // 1428 Views // 1 Comments
180 players are attending one massive Tekken World Tour, Master Event this weekend in Ilsanseo-gu, Korea. Hosted at Goyang KINTEX heaps of Korean, Japanese, and players from other countries in Asia have come to seek big points & prize pool from this particular Master event.

After the jump we have the links to not one but two streams broadcasting good ass Tekken all day. As well as the brackets.
May 06

Headstomper 2019 Final Results & Archives

Posted by lizanias at 22:16 PST // 1333 Views // 2 Comments
Third stop of the tour, Headstomper 2019 in Malmo Sweden. Lots of top European Tekken players took the chance to get points from this Challenger level event. Players in attendance include the likes of Asim, Kaneandtrench, Super Akouma, Ghirlanda, Bode, Jopelix, and plenty more.

We have the final results & the links to the archives after the jump.
Apr 27

Northwest Major XI Final Results & Archives

Posted by lizanias at 11:20 PST // 1663 Views // 1 Comments
This weekend a TWT challenger level event is held in Seattle, Washington USA. Most the heavy hitters attending this event come from the US. The competition between local players sure to bring excitement though.

Jimmy J Tran, Anakin, Speedkicks, P Ling, Cuddle Core, El Negro just to name a few players competing at Northwest Major XI. We have the links to the streams & brackets after the jump.
Apr 20

The Mixup 2019 Final Results & Archives

Posted by lizanias at 09:51 PST // 1825 Views // 2 Comments
update: the results are in & we have the links to the archives

This year's Tekken World Tour begins in France this weekend; The Mixup 2019. Plenty of top players have decided to enter, including those who didn't travel to Europe in the previous seasons of TWT. Almost 250 players entered; names such as Knee, Noroma, Lowhigh, Tissuemon, Nobi, Jeondding, Yuu, CherryBerryMango, Rangchu, Chanel, Rip, Speedkicks, Fergus, and many more. After the jump we have the links to the brackets & live stream.
Feb 09

Strong Style Japan Results & Archives

Posted by lizanias at 19:11 PST // 3592 Views // 2 Comments
Strong Style Japan, a 3v3 Tekken tournament held this weekend at Microsoft Japan, where the winners will be sent to Strong Style later this year. Notable players such as Book, Jimmy J Tran, Double, Rangchu, Tanukana, Yuyu, Chikurin, were in attendance.

We have all the archives & the results, right after the jump.
Dec 01

Tekken World Tour Finals 2018

Posted by lizanias at 01:32 PST // 5405 Views // 3 Comments
The time has come to seek the new world champion at this year's Tekken World Finals 2018, held at the Theater in Amsterdam this weekend. But before we proceed to finals we first go through the last chance qualifier.

With 320 players registered for the LCQ, the long battle for the last spot in the finals will surely be full of excitement. So join the stream and ride on the hype train.
Aug 20

Tekken 7 - Season 2 Begins September 6!

Posted by Flying Wonkey at 09:12 PST // 10781 Views // 8 Comments
Season 2 for Tekken 7 has been announced at Evo 2018 and the release date has now been confirmed for September 6 via the Tokyo Tekken Masters stream. Season 2 sees a whole wave of new balance changes, feature updates to the game and new DLC characters to the roster with the recently revealed Anna Williams and Lei Wulong soon to be swooping in. Season 2 of Tekken 7 will arrive as a free update on September 6 alongside the second Season Pass which includes Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, guest character Negan from the Walking Dead and 3 other currently unrevealed characters.

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