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Feb 05
Bandai Namco have uploaded a new trailer for the Arcade version of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution onto their official channel! This trailer shows off the game's new guest character Akuma as well as a whole bunch of new additions and changes to the game. New look of the characters, new stages, new Rage Arts, new Rage attacks and more!

Update: Tekken-Official site has uploaded a PDF file detailing all the new stuff in T7FR. You can check it out below.
Feb 05
Earlier today early images of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution (presumably from South Korea) appeared across social media. Just one hour later Katsuhiro Harada shared a batch of screenshots posted at Tekken-Official, showcasing the new outfits. Continue reading and get the links after the jump.
Jan 26
Just announced on the RedBull E-Sports Twitch channel, EVO 2016 will include Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in the main game line-up. Additionally, Nina Williams was confirmed for the game with a exclusive trailer for her revealed during the stream. The trailer for Nina Williams' reveal is now up on the Evo YouTube channel!
Jan 15

Kumite In Tennessee Streaming Live This Weekend

Posted by Di_ at 11:20 PST // 1034 Views // 6 Comments
Kumite In Tenesse is taking place this weekend, featuring not one but two Tekken tournaments! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 starts and finishes today, while Tekken 7 (not Fated Retribution) will be played throughout the rest of the weekend. PandaXGaming will be streaming both pools and finals on both of their stream channels so make sure to tune in!
Jan 15
Just announced via the Tekken Official website, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is going to be having Location tests in Japan next month! It is planned to occur on February 12 (Friday) and run until the 14th (Sunday) at 3 Japanese arcades. The arcades are: Namco Sugamo in Tokyo, Round One Stadium Sennichimae arcade in Osaka & finally Namco's Hakata Bus Terminal arcade in Fukuoka. These are all the details for this current location test announcement but the web page mentions that further news on the location test will be arriving soon in the near future. We might be able to see Akuma playable in the hands of Japanese players soon it seems.
Dec 31

Michael Murray And Kousuke Waki talk about T7

Posted by Di_ at 08:19 PST // 1607 Views // 2 Comments
Earlier this month during Jump Festa 2015 Michael Murray (Senior Game Designer) and Kousuke Waki (Visual Design Manager) from the Tekken 7 development team were interviewed by PlayStation LifeStyle. Topics covered in the interview include Akuma's appearance in Fated Retribution, comparison to older games and some details on Unreal Engine 4 which is used for making Tekken look better than ever.
Dec 25

Bandai Namco Recaps Global T7 Tournament Finals

Posted by Di_ at 16:17 PST // 1021 Views // 1 Comments
Although it's been already two weeks since the Global Tekken 7 Tournament finals, the event is still deep in our thoughts. It did a great job crowning the era of Tekken 7 and introducing its successor, Fated Retribution. If you want to relive these moments, watch Bandai Namco's recap video after jumping down below.
Dec 25

OUG TTT2 Season 2 Streaming Live From Dubai

Posted by Di_ at 06:19 PST // 513 Views // 1 Comments
Juggle bells, juggle bells, juggle all the way! If you've been missing some Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament action, you can tune in and watch OUG TTT2 Season 2 tournament which is taking place on December 25th and 26th at Etisalat Academy in Dubai. Jump below for the live stream link and information on the hours.
Dec 14
Official Tekken Facebook has uploaded a relatively big batch of screenshots, showing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution improved and even more appealing visuals. You may have had only caught a quick glimpse of the new outfits and stages through the initial trailer. And through these screenshots you're guaranteed to see much more.
Dec 13

Rip's Breakdown on the Tekken 7: FR Trailer

Posted by Di_ at 11:44 PST // 1447 Views // 4 Comments
Have you been looking for a thorough analysis of the recently announced Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's trailer? Rip delivers! The Level Up Your Game member recorded his breakthrough video, talking both Akuma's gameplay and the finish of the Mishima Saga.

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