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Nov 21

MASTERCUP.8 Live Stream

Posted by Di_ at 13:50 PST // 1267 Views // 16 Comments
If you are hungry for a lot of high level Tekken 7 action, you can't miss MASTERCUP.8 taking place this Sunday in Tokyo, Japan. 187 teams of 5 players (935 people in total) will battle for the title of the best Tekken team in the world.
Nov 17
For people in the Asia & Oceania region. Starting from 15th November up to 15th December when you log in to your Tekken NET you will receive a login bonus. Make sure you log in daily to get your daily bonus such as Obrs, Gold, and Tickets.
Oct 29

T7 World Arcade Championship EU Qualifiers Results

Posted by Di_ at 12:40 PST // 445 Views // 3 Comments
Earlier today people from Europe participated at Paris Games Week in a race for 3 slots in T7 World Arcade Championship Finals. Tissuemon, Vanex and FARM2FARM|Devil will be fighting for a title for Europe against players such as AO, Mr. Naps or Nobi later this year in Japan.
Oct 27

Tekken 7 is Definitely Coming to PS4

Posted by lizanias at 12:33 PST // 5508 Views // 47 Comments
At Paris Games Week, Katsuhiro Harada announced that Tekken 7 will be released on Playstation 4, promising "When the game makes the leap from arcades to console, it will be the most complete and enhanced version to date."

However no release date was mentioned during the announcement nor the other consoles Tekken 7 might available on. There is a new trailer after the jump.
Oct 10
Tonight the Dutch player Malekith will a FT3 against Ryan "Prodigal Son" Hart in a game of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at the Black Label eSports Masters 2015 in the Netherlands. This brand-new eSports event is a first in the Netherlands and perhaps a first for Europe too with 20.000 of prize money in total, 1500 arena seats, a stage with giant screens and a stream handled by a team of people from a Dutch commercial TV station.
Oct 09

King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 EU Qualifiers

Posted by Demonitzu at 02:48 PST // 1129 Views // 6 Comments
Europe will be getting its own qualifiers for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 on October 29th at the Paris Games Week in France. The top 3 at the EU qualifier will win a trip to the world championship in Japan. Several players already qualified through community events such as Red Fight District IV in the Netherlands and Poznan Arena in Poland. There are still spots available through events such as Ultimate Tournament and the ESL arena at the Paris Game Week
Oct 06

TK7 Tekken NET for Asia & Oceania Now Available

Posted by lizanias at 00:04 PST // 1391 Views // 3 Comments
Starting today we can all access Tekken NET for the latest version of Tekken, in English. Previously the Tekken Project launched Tekken NET for Tekken 7 for the Japanese & Korean players. Which has the Beginners Guide, Move List, character customization, and plenty more features can be accessed on the latest version of Tekken NET.
Oct 03

King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 US West LIVE

Posted by lizanias at 12:25 PST // 1208 Views // 4 Comments
Right now the first American TKOIFT 2015 qualifier is going on at Round 1 Puente Hills Mall, CA, USA. Famous US players from the West Coast such as Mr Naps, JustFrameJames, Rip, Aris are expected to be participating in the US West qualifier. And it will broadcasted by none other than Team Spooky.
Oct 02
Currently the Tokyo Qualifier for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015(some of you may refer it as Bandai Namco Cup) is going on. The qualifier will decide which players from Tokyo will go to the Japan Round phase of King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015. The tournament is divided to three divisions.

It's on Nico Nico Douga and the stream link can be found after the jump.

Oct 02
The first qualifier for King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 in Japan. Which is divided to 3 divisions. Open to any players, Student, and Female. All divisions are 3v3 except the female one which is run 1v1 format. We have the final results after the jump.

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