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Mar 31
Last weekend the Tekken community down in Peru ran a Tekken only tournament featuring the player with arguably the most impressive tournament winning streak in TTT2 era, HyunJin 'JDCR' Kim. I'm quite sure many of you have heard the results however I'm going to leave links to the pools as well as the links to the full stream archives right here after the jump.
Mar 29
On a special Tekken 7 live stream broadcast from Bandai Namco Games's headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Katsuhiro Harada unveiled the next three characters to be added to the playable roster in the arcade version of Tekken 7: Jin, Devil Jin, and the leaked newcomer Josie Rizal, a kickboxer from the Phillipines. A link to Event Hubs also shows the character trailers, as well as a few extras featuring comments from Harada himself below.
Mar 19

New Tekken 7 Characters Leaked

Posted by Baraka at 04:42 PST // 14086 Views // 148 Comments
Thanks to some very special friends in Korea, we now have character data leaked from Tekken 7! Images include in-game character models for returning characters Jin Kazama and Devil Jin and also a brand new character. There's also one other new in-game photo but I don't know if it's a new character or a costume for an existing character. You can see the leaked images below!
Mar 11
Tekken 7 is less then a week away from being completely launched out in arcades and Namco is organizing a special 'Just before' web broadcast for the occasion. On the show, Tekken's head producer Katushiro Harada and special cosplayer guests Hinako Sano & Yuriko Tiger will be present to play some matches and discuss the new character design of Lucky Chloe. Additionally there's also going to be new 'Tekken Event' related news announced on the show and who knows what else. The show will go live on the official Tekken YouTube channel at 2:00 PM Japan time today which is less then 30 minutes away from now. You can watch the web broadcast with the URL below:
Mar 03

TEKKEN 7 will be playable at Final Round 18!

Posted by Baraka at 21:50 PST // 2907 Views // 10 Comments
Much thanks goes to Markman for bringing the news to us all. TEKKEN 7 will be available for play at Final Round 18 on the 20th of March until the 22nd this month! It will be without a doubt a great place to be if you're set to enjoy some great Tekken action. Registration for Final Round 18 closes this Friday so be sure to register quick If you want in on the event. Of course, Tekken's Katushiro Harada and Michael Murray will also be attending the event making this a great chance to meet them in person. You can find more details on the tournament up on the Final Round website.
Mar 03

Tekken 7 "announced" for PS4 & XB1 by Epic

Posted by Jordyce at 00:51 PST // 3714 Views // 16 Comments
Shocking literally dozens of people, in Epic's latest sizzle real for the Unreal Engine, they showcase a brief snippet of Tekken 7 footage with the platforms listed as "Arcade | PS4 | Xbox One". As the licensees of Unreal Engine 4 for Tekken 7 they are in a very good position to have projected platform information.
Feb 27

Final Results Button Smash 2015 feat. Knee,Sodam

Posted by lizanias at 20:03 PST // 3307 Views // 1 Comments
Update: We have our winner. Check the final results as well as the link to the stream archives below. Broadcasting live from Brisbane, QLD Australia. Button Smash 2015. Featuring Knee, Sodam, and Australia's finest Tekken players. Tekken Tag 2 has the third highest number of entrants at this major if I'm not mistaken, and right now the pools are being streamed at Yiggs' twitch channel. Find the link to the stream and the pools after the jump.
Feb 20
Bandai Namco have announced that Tekken 7's 'real' launch version of the game will be available a month after the pre-launch version: March 18th. This version of the game will have more content which includes Local offline play, training mode and perhaps the first batch of time release characters and stages. This launch version will also be available outside of Japan for other countries and regions that still have arcades so a wider amount of players will be able to finally get their hands on the game and play it. If you're an arcade owner, Namco is accepting orders for the Tekken 7 machines from now until the 26th of Feb with the game being activated on March 18th at 7:00 in the morning Japan time. Additionally, Bandai Namco has also opened a new Tekken 20th Anniversary website which counts down to the release of the game next month.
Feb 19

10HitNews #4: Wave(dash) of Tekken 7 News

Posted by lizanias at 02:49 PST // 5481 Views // 17 Comments
Some gameplay changes, video footage of Kazumi, stream archive, and plenty of Tekken 7 news from day 1 & 2 compiled here. Check out 10 Hit News. Where I highlight some Tekken matches, combo videos, and other Tekken goodness.
Feb 16

Tekken 7 Pre-Soft Launch Nico Nico Broadcast

Posted by lizanias at 00:27 PST // 8278 Views // 31 Comments
Tonight at 8 PM(Japan Standard Time) Katsuhiro Harada will make an appearance during tonight's R no Heya(R's Room) broadcast, which will be streamed through Nico Nico Douga(for free). The lead producer will go through some of Tekken 7's content. As well as discussing the game's appearance in the competitive Tekken scene, such as Evo 2015 and Tekken Crash. There's a small hint Kazumi will be shown tonight.

Please continue reading to find the nico nico link.

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