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Sep 22

TEKKEN 7 Nordic Tour Announced

Posted by Flying Wonkey at 00:21 PST // 449 Views // 9 Comments
The TEKKEN 7 NORDIC TOUR is here! Together with PlayStation Plus, we are bringing TEKKEN 7 on PlayStation 4 to more than 35 destinations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, starting at ComicCon Copenhagen on Sep 24 and ending beginning of 2017. Come challenge your friends in a couple of casual fights & get some free TEKKEN 7 loot, or participate in the TEKKEN 7 Tournament on each tour stop where the winner will receive TEKKEN 7 on PS4 when the game is released as well as a place in the Nordic Online finals.
Sep 17

TEKKEN 7 Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer

Posted by Flying Wonkey at 19:35 PST // 793 Views // 1 Comments
Unveiled at Tokyo Game Show this year is a new trailer for the PS4/XB1/Steam version of Tekken 7. You can catch all the fist fighting action that will be included in the game and it's story mode when it comes out worldwide in Early 2017.
Sep 17

Tekken 7 Presentation at TGS 2016

Posted by lizanias at 19:20 PST // 412 Views // 2 Comments
Update: the presentation was geared towards the audience who hadn't been following the game; hence Harada-san talked about things that many hardcore fans already know. More info after the jump.

This morning Bandai Namco Entertainment is having a special event at Tokyo Game Show 2016. You can join in by watching it through their Twitch/Youtube stream, and we'll update this article once we see any new announcements.

Sep 17

Kelot Cup 2 Live from Okayama Japan

Posted by lizanias at 22:18 PST // 345 Views // 1 Comments
update: the final results are in

The 2nd edition of Kelot Cup is now live from Okayama. This 3v3, Tekken 7 FR tournament commences just right after the version D patch was released several days ago. Around 100 players joined the event and the link to the stream can be found after the jump.
Sep 17

Ozhadou 14 Final Results & Videos

Posted by lizanias at 22:16 PST // 143 Views // 1 Comments
Ozhadou 14 went down last August in Sydney, Australia; featuring Tekken 7.0 and players from various states as well as different countries. It's been several weeks since the tournament was over, but I thought it'd be okay to post the results & links to their recordings on the front page for the sake of archiving them.

Continue reading and you'll see the links.
Aug 17
Announced at Gamescom alongside Lee Chaolan is further news on the game's Story Mode. New batch of screenshots from Tekken 7 show off portions of the Story Mode that retells the older history from the Tekken series and reveals why things went down in the series. The game's Story Mode is said to be several hours long and as you progress through it, you can unlock sub plots for the other characters in the game such as Claudio's story and his group of Exorcists. There's even specific Story Mode costumes for characters such as the new suit for Heihachi that you can use while playing through the mode.
Aug 17
Announced at Gamescom this year, Lee Chaolan will be in the Tekken 7 character roster! The reveal trailer for Lee is now up and also includes Violet, his former alter ego palette swap as another outfit for Lee to use in game. Tekken 7 is slated to come out for PS4 / XB1 / PC (Steam) in Early 2017.
Aug 13

Lionz Den 3 Final Results & Stream Archives

Posted by lizanias at 08:45 PST // 1250 Views // 1 Comments
Lionz Den is back this year, better than ever. And yeap the live stream has been running much smoother than the stream at last year's LD2. The event is bringing in great Tekken players from Europe and the neighbouring countries to London; including the famous Sodam.

So what are you waiting for? join us in the chat.
Jul 17

Master Raven & Bob Revealed At EVO 2016

Posted by Flying Wonkey at 21:09 PST // 6863 Views // 46 Comments
Unveiled during the final day of EVO 2016, New character Master Raven and returning character Bob will be included in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution's character roster. The Official Tekken YouTube channel has the reveal trailers for both characters now uploaded so check it out!
Jul 14

Watch Evo 2016 This Weekend

Posted by lizanias at 21:25 PST // 2723 Views // 7 Comments
Update: Final results are in
Over 10,000 people will be attending the biggest open tournament in the world; Evo 2016 in Las Vegas starting from this Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July. Nine fighting games in the main tournament roster plus close to 20 games in their side line up. The Tekken 7 FR tournament will be run on day 1 & 2; surely there are gonna be heaps of awesome matches. Check out the pools & stream schedule after the jump.

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